Family and Favoritism.

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    My family has a favorite list. It goes a bit like this: my sister, my brother, then me. I'm the least favorite because, well, let's make a list.. I was raped & molested my entire life, I am fat, I'm ugly, I make bad grades, I'm lazy, and I have a lot of mental and physical problems. My sister's the opposite, my brother is brother, but there's my list.
    Lately my mom has been really bad, she's been making me want to give up on my life, give up on what I want to be, and she's made me want to just kill myself. It's not just her though. My dad too. He told me that I'm going to be one of those workers that can't keep a job for more than a day because I'm that upfucked.
    Oh and it doesn't stop there. My sister. She doesn't understand my chronic depression and thinks I'm putting on a show. I bet she got that from my dad though. I didn't take any of my tablets while my mom was away because of my dad. He doesn't believe in tablets. But if I didn't have them I'd be dead. Then they could see the scars on my legs from what they did to me. From what all those people that molested me did to me. From what the rapist did to me.
    And don't get me wrong. I'm not just a teenager going blah blah blah about her parents for no good reason other than being a teenager. I told my mom that I was being molested. She didn't do anything. She blew it off and said well whatever to it. And when she found out I had been raped she made a big deal out of it and said "well we'll put a sign outside that says under 16 free sex!".. I was 13 when I was raped, 15 when she found out. It was one of my ex's. He'd do it 5 times every damn night.
    So, I guess I just needed a rant.. Felt suicidal, and came to let it all out on here..
    Thanks for reading I guess. :sleepy:
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    Hmmm.. Not sure if you want to hear from me but I'm just letting you know that I read everything. I also want to apologize for not being a good friend when I was your friend. I shouldn't blab on about my own issues and neglect to listen to yours but to be honest... Whenever I'd hear from you, it seemed like you were happy and just didn't want to talk to me anymore so thats why I kinda backed off. I don't blame you though if thats the case. Thats why I've stayed in the shadows but I just had to reply to this cause I still care about you.

    Now about this... You're not fat to me. I've seen your flat stomach. You have a beautiful figure and you're a beautiful young woman. Remember this.. You wont always be with your family. Someday you'll get the chance to move on from them and create a life of your own. Forget all the names anybody ever called you and forget the rejection. You're also smart. Whenever we were still friends, I remember you were getting so good at Japanese. That was making you feel so smart and good about yourself from what I heard. Just keep concentrating on that and other things you love to do. Focus on the positives. The past is the past. Nothing can change whats already happened. A bit harsh I know. Easier said then done, I know that too.

    But anyways... I do wish you luck with your life.