Family Betrayal After Death

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by sol224, Nov 16, 2010.

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    In 2002 my dad suddently died. 100% unexpected.

    my mum left him and was living with another man.

    her new man is quite Rich and she always dreamed of being rich. while crying on the day after my dad died, my mum said, "at least finally i am rich", because she inherited our £800,000 ($1,400,000) house.

    despite her partner being very rich she has rented out my dad's house for 8 years and makes a fortune from the inheritance.

    I live in Israel/Palestine in huge poverty (homeless) which is not such a big deal cos loads of poor people here but what realy saddens me is that my Dad who came from German-Jewish refugees would have wanted for me to at least not be homeless after his death. him dying means i have no family place to live.

    i feel this is a betrayal as my mother only uses the money to go on holidays to Italy and Israel and she cant fly to Israel on economy class cos it hurts her back so must travel First Class (and stay in 5 star hotel).
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    wow your story toughed me. its hard believe your mother is doing this. thats so heartless and shameless. im a person that can put myself in alot of peoples shoes and understand how they feel and why they act the way they do but her actions i cant comprehend. it must hurt seeing people not giving your dad the right respect after passing away. my mom passed in 98. im so sorry for what has happend to you. im sure your dad would be proud of you for being the person that you are.
    do you have any family besides her? someone you might be able to stay with?
    i wish you all the best sol224 ! :)
    welcome to sf and if you need to talk to someone feel free to pm me
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    How awful and she should be ashamed of herself...hope you find a home as you sound like someone who truly deserves much more comfort...big hugs, J
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    oh i really will never understand how a mothr can be so cruel i am sorry she is this way I am glad you are here a nd hope you continue to post let us know how you are doing okay