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Family & Friends affect of suicide... prevention?

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Hmmm... say you were planning on killing yourself in the future. Do you think it'd be best to kind of sever ties with your "friends"/family? I.E. Do something that makes your mom totally pissed off at you and disown you, like you never talk to her again kind of thing and eventually everything blows over but you still don't talk to each other anymore. If you do this w/everyone you know, you'll be completely alone and everyone will sort of forget about you/not miss you.

So when you die, they're sad, but they're like oh well we weren't best buddies anyway. As opposed to you being loving towards them and then all of a sudden you die and they miss you terribly.

But then again they would feel guilty for never mending the relationship.

With that in mind, you could make your relationships fall apart on purpose, but then still talk to them now and then, but always have that underlying I don't like you feeling in all of your relationships so that way they're not as sad when you go. So they may think, she/he was such a troubled, confused person, I'm sad they're gone, but it's not like she was an awesome energetic perfect person who is now making the world worse from her absence kind of thing.

What do you think?


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as this is a pro life site we dont advise in any way about how people should prepare for suicide

if you have friends and family that care about you so much youre very lucky, i doubt they would want to end their relationships with you and if you did make the relationships end they are more than likely to feel something is up from the way you are acting and chances are they would want to help

we are here for you if you want to talk to us about whats brought you to this point, please take good care of yourself :hug:


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errr i thought i posted here already, was my post deleted? pm with telling me so from now on plz, my memory isnt that good so i dont know if im just imagining it or not :D

anyways, might i suggest not using ur "loved ones" as a crutch to prevent suicide cuz in the end if thats all you have then you're going to stay feeling hallow, you need to live for yourself first or ull fade away =/
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