Family is unsupportive.

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My aunt is very unsupportive. I asked her "what is her problem?" and she screamed at me not to disrespect her and to get out of her house. She then said that she doesn't like my sob stories and excuses. I told her she was unsupportive, and that she makes just as many excuses. She places a ton of blame on me for my bad mood, and I apologize for it, but she is also very stubborn and refuses to be at fault. I told her of the things she does that are not good like accusing me of giving her son alcohol and all she could say is, "blah blah blah." It makes me so angry. Why is she being so immature over this. I'm trying my best not to internalize my anger and sadness, or fall victim to my suicidal and delusional thoughts, but she is not helping at all. She thinks I should just control my emotions. That's it. She has no clue how or of any techniques like breathing or yoga, but she still just orders me around.

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Can you go for awalk hun get away for awhile so the tension between two of you decreases some. She should not be blaming you for her sons decisions I do hope you can talk to someone outside the family okay soemone less judgemental h ugs
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