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    I feel so unwanted, so in the way and so like I want to escape from them.

    I called my Mum SOO many times last night, both on her mobile and her house phone, and she didn't answer. When she EVENTUALLY answered she had her "bit on the side" there...whom she made me talk to :dry: - and that's why she hadn't answered me.
    Well thanks Mum, what if it had been an emergency? What if I had been in hospital or or or I don't know but something bad. What would she have done then? "Oh, sorry, was having sex" :dry:
    When I asked her to call me back she said "No" Thanks Mum :dry:

    Since my Nan has passed away the whole family feels like it's fallen apart. My Nan was the MAIN part of our family, kept everything together and people were always around to see her. As I lived with her I was always involved and felt a part of the family.
    Now, well no one gives a damn anymore. Even my little cousin who used to adore me, doesn't seem to be interested anymore.
    I know the whole family is grieving but we sould pull together. Not fall apart.

    I am so sick of feeling like I am doing something wrong, or am in the way. It's driving me mad. I am practically living in London and when I call home it feels like they don't want to talk to me. :rofl: Could always just move out altogether Mum, that would make you want to talk to me no doubt :dry:

    Maybe it's my paranoia, maybe it's my depression. Who knows, maybe I am actually right, but right now I am beyond caring :sad:
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    We're your second family here and don't you forget it youngster!!! You are never in the way here and tons of us love ya to death. I would answer my phone in a heart beat if it was you, but I guess you'll have to settle for a pm reply. Drop me one anytime!!

    Oh and by the way, there is no escape, you are stuck with us now:rolleyes:
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    Woot :biggrin:

    Thanks hun

    And thanks for the PM :hug:
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    :hug: :hug: :hug:

    You're not getting away without a hug from me!
    As itm said, we love ya loads here, and don't ya forget it :nono: :)
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    Thanks for the hugs :smile: