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    Oh it really does beggar belief.

    Ok - quick background. My cellphone hasn't always been paid for on time (on contract), and has been susceptible to being disconnected. But most of my family have access to contact me via facebook.

    I ranted recently in my members diary about how annoyed I was that my oldest brother and his partner go through others to get communication with me - asking my mum how I am, complaining to my sister how I haven't passed information on about my condition etc.

    Yet when my sister "tags me" in a post as to "where we are at" - my brother's partner asked if everything was ok. My sister said it was about me - I get nothing - no facebook message, no comments asking what's up and such. Yes, my sister is pregnant. So I can understand her getting the initial response, that I do not mind.

    The lack of communication from my own family directly to me when they know it's about me - is mystifying.

    What's compounded my rant this time, is that my sister spent 5 hours at the hospital herself - for her own reasons - yesterday afternoon/evening, and has had 2 family members (oldest brother and dad), who are on mine - leave comments on her status, yet never communicate with me that way. Why should I really bother having a facebook account when my own family don't really want to know?

    I mean - I'm getting used to what i'm having to go through now, but why should I really bother telling them about this if they aren't prepared to spend the time talking.. to me?

    (And this has been noted over the last 6-8 months where I have first not been in work, then second since i've lost the job. I put the effort in to use knowledge of a time window - finish at 3, brother's partner home just after 5, him out to work for 6 - to walk 5 mins down to say hi and catch up etc. Since then, I put no effort it, I get very little out)

    My sister - I have a lot less problems with. My mum, I live with her and we don't always get along. But these two I will exclude from the rant. Because they DO talk directly to me. They DO put some effort in themselves - not always leaving it to me.