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  1. Borrowed time*

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    Family's who need them? Im done with them. Everytime i manage to suck a bit of happiness out of my existence they manage to ground me back into the dirt. Well im done with all this crap. Im done with trying to help you, im done with appologising even when its not my fault.
    Im not perfect who is? If iv done something wrong ill appologise. Its when its not my fault and im expected to go grovelling back that i hate. Some how its always my fault. I keep out of there way so they arent affected by my mood swings and what do i get? Stop being grumpy, lighten up. No one wants to talk to me unless they want something. When you argue you all come to me, make me feel wanted, needed. Then just dump me again when you start talking.
    Im sick of it, no more. If you dont like me fair enough but stop making me feel like part of the family when your lonely then rejecting me within a matter of days.
    I still live at home, cant see me moving out anytime soon for reasons im not ready to post. Please just leave me alone!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry for the ramble just needed to get it off my chest. Im surrounded by family but no one that actually cares
  2. boo

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    I'm sorry to hear about your family issue Sunny. :( I agree, a family can be great support or the root of all your problems. Sometime we feel obligated to stick around for them, when in reality you're better off without them.
  3. Borrowed time*

    Borrowed time* Well-Known Member

    Yeah well my mum has just confirmed for me that im not supposed to be here. I never knew being told by your mum to die would hurt so much.
    Im making plans for my pets so there will be no guilt.
  4. IV2010

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    Sunny I'm so sorry your Mum has said that but it says more about her problems than it does about you...
    she sounds like she needs some help....
  5. Borrowed time*

    Borrowed time* Well-Known Member

    I know but there is no talking to her unless she thinks she is going to get some money out of it like more benefits
    I dont even want to help her any more, the love is gone. I just dont want to grow bitter and twisted like her.