Family thinks I'm lying

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Aussiefan, Sep 5, 2016.

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  1. Aussiefan

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    ive suffered from severe depression for years and I take mess for it. A few weeks ago I felt so hopeless that I woke up one morning and <mod edit - methods>. I woke up in the hospital and was then transferred to a psych unit where I spent a week there.

    I live in a different country than my family so I decided to tell them what had happened. I told my sisters and adult daughter and was met with a barrage of verbal abuse calling me a liar and wanted proof. Then I noticed the three of them on Facebook posting up memes about pathetic liars who can't be trusted. Needless to say, I was devastated by their reactions. The only other suicide attempt I've made was many years ago as a teen.

    I feel deeply hurt, ashamed, dismissed, rejected, unloved. The ironic thing is that I've always been the one they go to for problems but I get blasted for having a problem. I'm really not sure how to handle this. I feel humiliated being asked for proof.
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  2. moxman

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    Thank you for joining us here at SF. I personally look forward to hearing about you and what has brought you to this corner of the web. I invite you to read my personal story below in green and just know you are not the only in pain. You are not the only one suffering. Everyone here is fighting their own battles. While you are here, you are safe. No one will harass you or insult you in any manner. That BS is not tolerated here. I hate to hear that you are suicidal. You must have a lot of stuff going on in your life for you to feel this way. Do you know why we feel suicidal? (I am suicidal too, btw) If you don't know would you like for me to explain it to you? I want you to promise me that if you ever feel like you are in danger of hurting yourself, you will take yourself to the nearest ER, and get the help you need. There is no shame in getting help.

    Wow, what kind of proof are they wanting? Your word should be enough. Sorry to see you are going through such a rough patch with your family. So what caused you to attempt suicide? We are here to help you.

    I would personally love to hear more about you. What are your dreams? What do you want out of life? What issues do you think , you need help with? How can we help you get into a better place?

    Feel free to PM/IM me anytime if you just want to chat or want to talk about something in a private manner.

    Take Care
  3. Unknown_111

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    Welcome to the forum. I am glad you joined us as we really care about YOU. yYou are in a state of shock from your sisters but you are the better person. You are hurt from their reaction and this understandable.

    The important thing is YOU and your recovery process from the situation. It's going to take time and you have to try to be strong. Please keep posting and we will try our best to help YOU.

    Take care my friend.
  4. Petal

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    Wow. I am speechless and that doesn't happen a lot. How dare they ask you for proof during a tim when you were clearly in great distress, why would they not believe you? That is vile behaviour from them and extremely disrespectful. You deserve to be treated better so maybe distancing yourself from your family even more than you have already done would be your best option. You definitely deserve to be treated better and I am sorry their words and actions left you humiliated and ashamed. Please move on from them and forget about them, take them off your social media so you don't have to see their insults. Best of luck to you.
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