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    Im not really sure if this fits here but Im pretty sure it isnt for the eatting disorders forum. Im about 105-110 pounds and 5 and a half ft tall. I look like I have an eatting disorder but I eat more than most of my family and ive never purged in my life. I was nauseous for a few days last month and couldnt eat much and lost 6 pounds in 5 days. I cant figure out how to gain any weight I eat junk food and enough healthy food that I should atleast be normal weight. All the bloodwork ive ever had done has been beyond great according to my doctors.

    I cant come up with anything new to try. I dont eat vegitarian or vegan btw. Does anyone have any ideas how I can gain weight?
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    You sound like me- a textbook ectomorph. Until my early twenties I could eat every food item in a convenience store and not gain any weight. Fast metabolism is a misnomer. Anyone with a truly "fast metabolism" would feel hot most of the time, have a fast pulse, always be hungry and would be running constantly for the lavatory. A human shrew.

    If you have passed medical tests and don't have a medical disorder like Grave's disease which actually does raise a person's base metabolism then it can probably simply be attributed to genetics, your body weight set point and hormones. Two very powerful lean muscle mass preserving/body fat inhibiting hormones are testosterone and growth hormone which your body is probably producing high levels at this time. These levels will drop dramatically toward your late twenties.

    You can try a weightlifting program, even just a simple set of free weights and a weight bench at home along with trying some of the high calorie/high protein shake mixes you can find even find at a Walmart. I hope you put on some healthy lean muscle mass but you may simply be what is called a "hard gainer"- a naturally thin, light framed ectomorph. I am five feet ten inches and my weight is always within 128-132 lbs. Good luck! :showoff: :smile:
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    Thanks bluegrey I dont remember what hormones were tested when I got blood taken for that but Ill look for the paperwork. I got regular bloodwork done because of my meds every other time but Ill check them too if I have them around. The weights and shakes sound like they might work atleast a little. Thanks again :) .
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    I never normally gain and lose weight a whole lot.
    I'd been the same weight as I was when I was 16-17 up until late last year when I started eating my feelings. I gained close to 40 pounds; but no one could tell the difference, apparently. 0__0
    I'm always cold; freezing death-like fingertips and have to sleep with socks and mittens on for my bad circulation. lol
    But I've never been above 158lbs; my bmi is normal... no fast metabolism for me! I'm normal in that aspect, I guess?
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    hum I do feel hot often, have a fast pulse and I constantly go to the bathroom but my system is SLOW beyond belief...I barely eat and watch everything and still gain weight...

    all my blood work is excellent except one, I have mild anemia, just on the border...I gained 60 pounds last year due to my meds...but recently lost 15 pounds...I used to go to the gym every day last year and I never lost weight, even following the instructor's program...

    as for gaining weight, maybe you need to see a dietist( not sure how to spell it in english) she could recommend foods that you need to eat...maybe eat fatty foods?
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    6'1 and 125 pounds here. (a guy) Kids who are 10-12 years old have the same body type as me. (probably not as lanky!)

    Tried weight lifting, protein shakes etc.
    Didn't work. They might for you, but don't for me. People think I'm unhealthy or poor or something is wrong.

    But I think people who are really skinny live a lot longer (and stay younger longer). It's less stress on the body, less body to manage. Not very scientific but then again there have been studies that show people who live their entire life a little hungry live longer. I look younger than I am, and so do my dad and half-brother (who were very very skinny until about 28-30 years old). I really believe I'm going to live longer and be younger longer.

    I've just accepted it. In our society we always think of age as a number. Someone either looks young or old for their age. But the way I see it is that I don't look young for my age, I AM young (for the # of years I've been alive!). I have more time to practice guitar, learn more, become smarter, and experience life.

    I've started eating really healthy (drinking massive amounts of white tea) to slow down my aging even more, I can't wait until I'm 50 and look 35.
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    i WISH that i could be like that!
    if you wanna gain eat LOTS of carbs but dont work out a lot.
    OR work out and eat an over the top amount of protein. you SHOULD bulk that way with like super amount of muscle.
    but the first one shud work better.
    like. cake, white bread, potatoes, things like that. Carbs and starches.