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  1. I have some strange eating patterns, rarely eat in the daytime and usually scoff in the evening right up until I go to sleep. I dont consider myself as having an ED but I regularly do not eat, sometimes for several days, usually because I simply do not have food in the house due to not having money to buy food. I treat these occasions as a time to fast in a way, to cleanse myself and to not succumb to the urge to eat, overcoming and being in control of my desires. I have done much reading on the subject and there seems to be some benefit in fasting, although today (3rd day not eating) I have come to consider that it may be a contributing factor in my depression.
    I have considered going on a raw food diet recently. A friend of mine has been eating raw for 6 weeks, he has lost alot of excess weight, his skin problems have cleared up, he says that he has much clarity of thought, he is never tired anymore, he does not feel negative about anything and I must say, he is glowing.
    I am wondering if anyone here has had experience with either fasting or a raw food diet and whether anyone thinks there is a benefit in doing those things or whether they could be dangerous to some people.
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    I think with recommending fasting, it could be seen as a pro-ED thing for some people.

    I personally think that the reason behind why you do something is important. For example, fasting has its place, such as in religion, before medical tests, as you say, to cleanse the body, but when taken to extremes then obviously it can be highly dangerous. Also, with some medical and mental conditions then I imagine that fasting can also be detrimental too.

    There are a variety of different diets that work for different people, and as long as you still get all the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need, then trying them and seeing if they work, is ok.

    From what you say about your eating patterns though, it does sound like you do struggle with a disordered eating pattern because of how you eat little during the day and then eat loads at night. Anyone at any time can struggle with disordered eating and in some it can lead to a full blown eating disorder, it often doesn't, but can be triggered by things like stress, grief, etc. I would wonder first if maybe you could start to adjust your diet so that you are eating in a more traditional eating pattern, before trying anything radical with regards to the diet itself.

    (PS, I'm not stalking you, honest).
  3. I am firmly of the belief that the food we eat has a huge effect on the way we feel but am sat on the fence with regards how the food we eat effects us. I tend towards thinking that green is good and junk food is bad, obviously in excess anyway. I am partial to some junk food now and then and Im sure the pleasure it gives me has some short term benefit as it is enjoyable to eat but ultimately there is little benefit. But saying that, I have known people who eat nothing but crap, daily, and they seem a picture of health, quite lively, full of energy and emotionally well balanced. I guess its an individual thing. Some people really shouldnt eat junk food at all and some are ok with it. I do think though that the majority of us do not eat correctly, and Im an example of that. I have tried in the past to alter my eating habits but when I usually feel little hunger during the day then food is far from my mind.
    The raw food diet is quite radical but the testimonies I have read are very impressive and seeing my friend becoming healthy before my eyes is enough for me to consider a raw food diet. He has been quite unhealthy the past few years and Ive never seen him as energetic as he is now. The raw food diet has saved him alot of money to. He doesnt eat meals as such but snacks throughout the day, starting with a fruit press in the morning, eating bananas, dried fruit and nuts and having a couple of glasses of pressed green veg and fruit later in the day. He does not eat after sundown and drinks green tea with cinnemon and honey if he feels hungry in the evening.
    I want to give it a go but it means drastically altering my eating patterns and apparently this could bring toxins out of me too quickly which could make me very ill. I guess a gradual altering of my eating patterns would be the best way to go.

    This talk is very interesting and I recommend it to anyone who thinks that their diet may be the cause of their illness.
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    I agree with that first bit definitely. My eating is appalling. That's not currently due to an eating disorder, but is due to intolerances and stomach issues and the fact I have a very limited selection of foods that I can eat. I struggle a lot and have very severe anaemia due to this. It's not caused my illness but right now its definitely not helping.

    I would suggest talking to your doctor about the raw diet and seeing if they have anything they can tell you about it that you may not yet have found through research. Your friend is still in the early days and it may be that a diet like that can cause long term problems, or may cause that energy high for a specific reason at the start, etc.

    In the meantime you could look to making your eating healthier than it currently is. Most things are healthy in moderation, but in extremes of anything it gets dangerous and detrimental to us.

    Do you think setting yourself some sort of meal plan or guideline might help you to stick to it?
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