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Fat ass

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*I gained one whole pound and a half * I'm such a fat ass bitch * I'm a failure * A fat, disgusting, blob of lard * fat thighs * fat stomach * fat arms * REPULSIVE *

I have to fast.


Oh, I'm "trying" to become anorexic * Just because I want to lose weight and be thin I'm "trying" to become anorexic * So what if I want to see my bones? So what? SO WHAT? What harm is it doing to anyone else? Why would I want to be anorexic? I'm NOT anorexic, nor am I "TRYING" to become one * Why would someone say that? I do NOT have a problem * I am TOTALLY in control of my intake * I DO eat * I DO exercise * So sometimes I fast * So what? SO WHAT? Lots of people fast * Some people do it for days on end for religious reasons * Are they "TRYING" to become anorexic too? People don't understand anything no matter how much you try to explain *


I'm sorry if you think that we were implying you're annorexic or were becoming one. We weren't. We did say that people can lose weight but fasting isn't the way to do it and that you should consult your doctor before attempting to lose anymore weight. The goal weight you've set for yourself isn't healthy and is way below a safe weight. You really should goto your GP.


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**BeautyIsThin** it made my heart ache reading your post becuse i have writen similar things, felt similar ways, and tought similar things. i do agree with you that some people just dont understand no matter how much and in many ways something is explained to them. how ever i do agree IrishPaddy also about seeing your gp.


Who are you or anyone else to tell me what is healthy or not healthy? I know when I feel unhealthy * And I know that I feel unhealthy at this weight that I am at now * So I'm going to lose it * I don't need/want to see a doctor because I know he'll say the same as you * People just want to stop me acheiving my goals and I'm not going to let them * I would never try to stop anyone reaching their own goals * It's what makes people live longer and it shows that you are strong and willing to work for your happiness * I will fast today and tomorrow I will eat again * I know how to fast sensibly * I drink plenty of fluid and I take two types of vitamins * I may not eat much tomorrow but I will eat * I feel fine * I like this empty feeling * You can move quicker and you don't feel horribly bloated and your stomach doesn't stick out as much * If I start to feel faint or unwell then I know I have to eat something so I will break the fast * I'm not a complete idiot *
Hey beautyisthin,
no-one was saying they thought you were ill. u know how you feel. but if you ever wanna chat or anything you know where i am!


* DownintheDumps, Thankyou * I can't PM you as I've been put under moderation *

* cyesisdemorte, thankyou also *

*I binged today and I was so full and felt so disgusting that I had to purge * I think I burst a few blood vessells because some blood came up too * I do feel better that I got rid of it all tho *
Hi beauty

I know that everyones been telling you that if you keep up the behavior you are.. and if you keep trying to lose weight from where you're at now you'll end up in the hospital being force fed. I hate to be someone to say the same thing. I know I can't find anything new to say or anything that wil change your mind.. but I just wanted to let you know that regardless of your physical appearance you're a beautiful person. That ol' cliche. "it's not what's on the outside that matters.. it's the inner you" I know that's corny because it IS a cliche saying... somehting like that anyways. I just wanted to let you know that I, along with people here, I'm sure, will like you for who you are.. not what you look like. that's what friends do.

:hug: take care


* I'm not beautiful in any sense of the word * I'm a horrible person inside and out * I don't think before I speak (or type) * And I upset people for no reason * I am judgemental * I am mean * I am moody * I am bossy * I have no willpower * I have no strength * I am repulsive * I am a failure at everything * I don't deserve to have friends * I don't deserve to have people be nice to me * I just don't deserve *


**BeautyIsThin** said:
* I'm not beautiful in any sense of the word * I'm a horrible person inside and out * I don't think before I speak (or type) * And I upset people for no reason * I am judgemental * I am mean * I am moody * I am bossy * I have no willpower * I have no strength * I am repulsive * I am a failure at everything * I don't deserve to have friends * I don't deserve to have people be nice to me * I just don't deserve *
Bloody hell! It's nice to finally meet my equal.


* I feel horrible * I'm going to punish myself * I will fast for 8 days * 4 days each for the people I have upset on here * I am sorry *


* I think I am getting the flu * I feel really rough * My sinuses hurt so bad * I feel sick * My ears keep popping * My glands are swollen * My throat hurts * My head hurts * My whole body aches * I couldn't even work out for more than 10 minutes and I really wanted to do at least an hour * I tried to drink some water but I just threw it all up *


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there is one true dictater of what comes as health and ill health. it is the basic needs of our body to carry all the functiions it has to perform, food provides elements that travel throughare blood stream and into all the areas to create the action of life. you are right we can survive on very little. or we can over do it as well on the other end. or body is quite influenced by our choices. the question is what quality of life do you want. one where you work with urself or against urself.
will you eat to live or eat do die this is a statement for all and all that is put in ones mouth food can nourish us or kill us slowly through mental deteriation and physical entraphy.

You may well not believe right now that anybody understands you or your situation. That's fair enough, but what you're going through is familiar.

We're all here for you. You are not alone.

The thing about advice is that you can take it or leave it, people will give it to you because they want to help you. Even if you do choose to leave it, listen to it and remember it. You never know when you might want it.

I can only express my concern over your target weight. It is pretty tiny. Other than that, I won't push the issue.

Take care of yourself.



* I understand that people think they are trying to help but the thing is, I don't need any help * I know what I am doing *

* Day 2 of the fast * Going well * I'm sick so I don't feel like eating anyway * I will make myself work out for at least an hour or more today because otherwise it won't feel like a punishment *


* I fainted on the treadmill * Cut my head * How embarassing * I feel so sick * My neck hurts * Everything aches * I keep throwing up all the fluids that I drink * My throat hurts * I feel so tired and like all floppy* I think I need to go sleep but I can't get to sleep because my stomach hurts and I keep retching *
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