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fat or thin

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if anyone had the choice of being with someone big or overly skinny.... which would you chose, and if you had the choice of being uverly skinny or big what would your choice be?
Well... I AM considered 'overly skinny', although not to the point where people really really start to worry. Both extremes, so overly skinny, or immensely huge are not good... both have their bad and badder points and either way you dont win. Although personally, I would rather be overly skinny, because well, thats what I am right now, AND I still eat normal amounts, and regularly, and it hasnt done anything to me. Thats just me though, others may see it differently.



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I think i would choose to be overly skinny because thats how i used to be and im an athlete. My antipsychotics have put weight on me and now this is caused me great distress..ive lost 10 kg since being off zyprexa but its not enough i want to be 40kg again


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if i was going to put mental edge in my body to this extreem. i would go for the hard muscular butt, mighty thigh, & teeny waist and so forth like silver sable.it takes mental planning and acting to acomplish any of these extreems. so i would go for the one with the most rushes available. see on a physical level to skinny and to fat = lack of energy, fatigue, depression, etc. challenging the body enough to break some of our very fibres causes change and growth in all the systems ability to do there work better. delivering endorphins faster longer and harder. creating bouts of joy filled perseptive views. ya need to do this.
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I used to be 150 lbs at 5'10" I was an excellent runner. Then I had a car wreck that put up for 4 months of doing nothing. I now weigh 190. While I am building some nice muscles I would much rather be 150, all my clothes would fit again.


I don't care what the guy is, but I have to be overly skinny. I can't stand to look at myself now!
I hate myself


Thin of course... My vampire man like thin tiny dark long haired girls I like them too but I rather would like to look like that too :lips:


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I have been overly fat and an now considered a normal size either way hasn't made me happy. If anything I'm more unhappy now than I have ever been


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I don't need to wish, I am and always have been underweight. Add to that a perpetually sad and insecure look plastered on my face and you are a target for harassment. :sad:


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Overly skinny is what I would choose, but... I don't want to be for real I think

I used to be anorexic... But I want to have some curves now. I've realized many good things with it, one good thing is that it's easier to sleep nowadays. No hurting hipbones and such


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definitely overly skinny. but i've only been at a healthy weight or overweight... so you know, its prolly one of those 'grass is always greener' thing

As far as my partner? It depends... I want him to be bigger than me though.

but then again.. I'm pretty desperate. Anyone who will put if with me will do, lol
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