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  1. Daze&Confused

    Daze&Confused Antiquitie's Friend

    Does anyone believe that their life is predetermined, or just a set of random events. I know there are parts of my life that i can take control of, but mostly i feel pulled along lifes highway.
    If i'd had the choice, i wouldn't have chosen to be me. But maybe i did choose to be me, my actions in life have led me here, my misery, mostly self inflicted.I guess i'm just trying to figure out how i came to the end of my life.
    It would be easier to blame it on fate, taking all personal responsibility away from me. Did i choose to be this miserable, or did some omnisient being decide, just to see how much i could take.
    Maybe it's time i decided.

    "Get busy living, or get busy dying." - Andy Defresne
  2. Ardo85

    Ardo85 Active Member

    I've thought about this often. As much as I'd like to believe that the course of a life is predetermined I believe deep down inside that its merely a series of random events and the result of not only your choices but everyone else's as well. This is not to say that whatever has brought you to considering ending your life is your fault or responsibility in its entirety as there is so many things beyond your control. Whatever brought you to this place is partially your choice, yes, but you didn't choose to be a part of this society and this planet. In the grand scheme of things one person is only an insignificant cog in the wheel. You aren't dealt a hand per say, but your not in complete control as you are limited by merely being one human and not say a omnipowerful god capable of shaping not only themselves but everything around them. I see each person as a blank slate originally with no significance. What happens to them by the result of pure chance and their own choices is what defines them... atleast this is what I believe.
  3. peacegirl

    peacegirl Well-Known Member

    Daze&Confused, please know that you did not choose to be miserable. There are many things in life that come our way that we have no responsibility for, but they affect us nevertheless. If you realize this, maybe you can take the sting out of blaming yourself for your troubles.

    BOLIAO Guest

    I think my life is pre-determined by fate. No matter how I try to avoid it, it will happen and history keeps repeating itself. I think I'm fated to die as a suicide and even if I recover again, it will happen sometime in the future again n again. My role as a suicide is destined.
  5. peacegirl

    peacegirl Well-Known Member

    I believe you are right, but there is only one condition. If you begin to see life differently (based on a different belief system), then your fate which is to die by your own hand, is not possible, and therefore not fate ordained.

    BOLIAO Guest

    you make a very good counselor dear peacegirl. :). anyway, thanks! cheers
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