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    Someone in my brothers grade died last weekend in a super freak accident. While he was camping, he was walking down a trail and a branch fell from a tree and hit him on the head. (what are the chances?). His mother was able to restart the kids breathing because she was a nurse. When he got to the hospital, the kid was declared brain-dead. They were able to harvest almost all of his organs because he was a young, strong guy who lived healthy. Think about all the people who are going to get his organs, who would have died without them. Then consider all the unlikleyhoods that attributed to this, the branch falling and hitting him right on the head, the mother being a nurse with the ability to restart his breathing, the parents ability to make the difficult choice of organ donation.

    I mean that has to be fate or some divine intervention.
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    my mom once told me the story of her estranged friend walking through the forest one day: she was crushed by a falling tree.

    Some days I would agree with you, some days I think synchronicities and serendipity are to conspicuous to ignore, but this isn't one of them. The word fate insinuates some kind of divine plan...what kind of "divine" plan causes that much misery and devastation?

    I believe...once you really think about it..that fate is a repugnant notion..
    because if fate/destiny existed...it would have to exist for everyone, and there'd have to be an infinite, grander "plan" that none of us could conceive of, that we were all wound in, unable to extricate ourselves...

    well then think about the holocaust...that was part of our destiny? cambodian genocide...that was part of our destiny? the rape, the violence, the horror...that is the destiny of the populous?

    I don't believe in destiny, just like I don't believe in god, because to do so..is so frighteningly terrible..I can't even fathom it. What kind of sublime entity would orchestrate such a grotesque map of time?
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    But think about it, He donated every single organ except his eyes and skin. If that saved 5,6,7 people's lives than maybe "fate" is just a divine intervention ensuring human race's survival. If that branch didn't fall, then the misery felt by his family would have been multiplied by the families of 7 people on the organ transplant list. The holocaust? Perhaps there has to be extremely terrible circumstances to teach the world humility? Thats a stretch i realize.
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    As much as I am a believer in fate and that things are planned from the beginning, etc., I don't agree that what happened was purely to save those other peoples lives. The way I see it, that's just how it went; fate doesn't neccesarily need to be justified nor is it's sole purpose to save lives. Things like that probably happen a lot more often that you'd imagine and who lives or who dies doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, the only thing that matters is that is what was meant to happen. There are more than enough people in the world at the moment to ensure the survival of humanity.

    In regards to the people who recieved the organs from the deceased, there's no saying that a different donor wouldn't have come forward or that all of those people were on the verge of losing their lives if they didn't recieve his organs. It just can't be called really.
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    to teach the world humility? seriously...we can't even fathom that much cruelty...that is far from a stretch, that is a erroneous, disrespectful notion.

    I agree with Avarice...who's to say the people who needed organs weren't going to get someone else's?
    Or according to your beliefs, maybe one of the people who took the organs needed to die so they could effect a bunch of other people in a positive way, maybe the boy's death screwed with another's fate

    of course I'm joking, I don't believe in any of this.

    People die every day by the masses, and people live: without rhyme or reason.
    natural death is a part of a cycle, a cycle we were born to complete. Biologically it was inevitable...divinely...? no.