Father of Darkness

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    “Father of Darkness”

    A petulant-looking face
    A familiar, odd place
    Ends without beginnings
    ...I am the Father of Darkness
    I cast a spell upon myself
    I wove an intricate void
    A self-centered, light-deprived playground

    Random memories fall to angry arrows
    Sins fall
    To dreamless nights
    A bright force belittled
    A plague given praise
    Tolerance smacked with
    Promise of future pain

    Drunken dismissal of a deaf mind
    Coping with senses forever blind
    Depression praised in the presence
    Of happiness gone mad

    Why is nothing so appealing?
    Why I am reeling
    From endless questions?

    At the pinnacle of sleepless apathy
    I don’t have the strength to care
    Answers don’t matter
    My senses wilt under pressure of nothing

    I am the Father of Darkness
    Who, on Nature’s green earth
    Will be my son?​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.