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    This question is for people who indulge in watching sports. Out of all the sports you watch and enjoy, which athlete do you like the best? What makes him so appealing and amazing?
    As a basketball fan, I like NBA player, Allen Iverson.
    It is more than his basketball skills that made me really admire and respect him. He really plays every game like it is his last despite numerous injuries. As an athlete making nearly $15 million/yr, he could take it easy and not play as aggressively. But it is not about the money for him. He plays with relentless determination, spirit, tenacity, mental strength against giants and leaves each game with every effort expended.
    He may be only an athlete, not CEO, scientists, or doctor. But to me at least, he serves as invincible, unbelievable human spirit that makes me think life is not about having great resources, family, luxuries but about living the life you were given to the best of ur abilities with never wavering, relentless tenacity and determination day in day out.
    Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.