Favorite childhood memory

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by FoReVeR LoSt, May 23, 2007.

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  1. FoReVeR LoSt

    FoReVeR LoSt Well-Known Member

    Well let's see if this catches on, i highly doubt it, but we'll see....here's what you do...

    just tell us your favorite childhood memory :biggrin: quite simple

    I think my favorite was having a surprise party for my 14th bday, that was good times
  2. Tara

    Tara Guest

    one of mine was going to the twins villa in portugal when i was 14, we had such a great time :D
  3. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    First time i went to america :biggrin: we went for 3 weeks, one week and 3 different place :dance:
  4. Tara

    Tara Guest

    sounds awesome! i frickin love that smiley :dance: << me! haha

    okay i know i was nearly officially an adult, but when i went to Barbados with 2 friends, i was 17, 2 years ago this summer...best time of my life! :D
  5. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    ouch? this may sound stupid, but the only good memories i have from when i was younger... anyway, my first kiss from my first girl-friend kim
  6. SeemsPerfect

    SeemsPerfect Guest

    Christmas Day when I was about 12 years old. My mom was working at the hospital, my dad was stationed in Germany, my sister was staying with our grandparents, and I was home alone.

    I woke up around 5am and went into the living room. Waiting for me was a little stereo, a Nintendo and my favorite 3 games.

    I made myself a bowl of cereal and played video games all morning while listening to my favorite tapes...lol Guess I always enjoyed being alone more than being around others. Even on Christmas.
  7. Syd

    Syd Guest

    I'm assuming childhood means under the age of 18. I'll personally exclude drug experiences for a couple reasons. The first being that artificial highs induced through chemicals are probably too different from regular experiences to be classed in the same category. The second being that some of these events are so hard to remember that they're more of 'lapses in memory' than memories themselves.

    I don't know..

    I think my best memory was when our high-school team reached the cross-country state finals during my sophomore year of high school. I had trained so hard, and gave it everything I had. I felt like I was going to die after I finished, I was in so much pain. I ranked in the top 10th percentile, and these were some of the fastest in the state under age 18. I received a lot of mail and offers for scholarships from different universities in the weeks that followed.

    Of course all that went to shit when I left school after the following year, but at least at that one moment in my life it felt like I had really accomplished something.
  8. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    On my 5th birthday, my parents took me to Disney World. At Cinderella's Castle, they have real people dressed up like Cinderella and Snow White. Apparently, my Dad went up and told them my name and that it was my birthday without me knowing. They came up to me, called me by name and gave me hugs and wished my Happy Birthday. I RAN over to my parents and told them that the "real" Snow White and the "real" Cinderella knew my name and knew it was my birthday. I was ecstatic!
  9. Syd

    Syd Guest

    Okay this one is more of a 'funny memory', but I felt it should be mentioned.

    As a kid, I used to live in a neighborhood situated on the edge of a huge hill. A ridiculously, absurdly steep hill. The bottom of the slope was cut off by a wide parking lot that had far too many parking spaces for the amount of townhouses it was built around. I guess the residential designers were idiots.

    Anyway, the point is that the parking lot was usually empty. During each winter, all the neighborhood kids would drag our sleds over to the top of the hillside, and attempt maneuvers off of our crudely constructed snow ramps.

    My best friend Kevin and I were 10 years old when we got the idea to saturate the hillside with water from his garden hose to create an icy slope for greater speed. We weren't satisfied with the initial results, so we connected several large sprinkler systems that lathered the entire hill overnight while we slept.

    The next morning, there was a sheet of ice several inches thick laminating the layer of snow on the hillside. It was so slick that every kid who took a wrong step near the edge plummeted to his or her doom and had no hope of climbing back up the hill. Instead they had to travel around the far side of the slope under the pine trees.

    The empty lot below the hill had been filled with snow from the recent blizzard, and served as a landing area for the airborne sledders upon their descent.

    Kevin and I were at the top of the ice hill surveying the area when it happened. I slipped, but managed to grab onto the nearby branch hanging off an old pine tree. The branch started to creak, and I begged Kevin to help me back up. He reached down for a moment, but instead of my hand he grabbed the pine branch, snapping it in half as he pulled.

    Falling backwards down the slope, I knew there was a tree growing out the side of the hill near the bottom, so I was a little worried about the fact that I couldn't see where I was going.

    I turned around just in time to see that very tree, my face smacking squarely into the trunk, causing me to spin out of control down the remainder of the hill.

    I blacked out for a minute. When I regained consciousness, I saw Kevin kneeling next to me with tears running down his face, laughing so hard that he was struggling to breathe. His cheeks were red and swollen from the ordeal. I felt dizzy and disoriented, and my head hurt.. I just laid there for about 15 minutes watching him struggle to breathe between fits of laughter.

    One moment it seemed like he had regained himself, but the next second he would look at me and start laughing even harder, he laughed harder than anyone I'd heard in my entire life.

    First I was angry at him, I couldn't believe what he had done. I wanted to kill him, but my head hurt too much to get up and do anything about it.

    By the time I got back up, I was laughing so hard that I forgot about the pain and the anger. We couldn't even walk, we both just kept falling down onto the ice again and laughing even harder.

    I don't know how we ever managed to get back home to this day. I woke up the next morning and my jaw hurt more from laughing than my bruised head did from bumping into the tree.
  10. Lady E

    Lady E Well-Known Member

    During the warm summer nights catching fireflies.
  11. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    the many hours on end that i spent in the backyard, sitting high up in the apple tree, crunching apples

    the time when i taught myself how to ride a bike

    banging away on mum's electronic organ when i was like.. 2
  12. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Lying on the couch with my mother watching the land before time. I never felt so safe. I was probably about 5. It's a moment I wish I could relive for eternity.
  13. Datsik

    Datsik Forum Buddy

    I used to love playing with all my toys. :biggrin:
  14. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    My best memory involved the girl next door, an absolutely obnoxius brat who was spoiled rotten by her parents.
    This particular day her parents had bought her a fabulous yellow and orange metal swing that they duly put up in the garden.
    All us kids were agog at it and all clambering for a go on it.
    Little miss princess sat on it with the most smug expression I've ever seen and gloated over the fact that she wasn't letting any of us plebs anywhere near her swing.
    Down the garden came my dad, whipped off the backdoor to the garden..threw up two stout ropes, attached a plank and voila!! instant swing!!!
    All of us spent the afternoon merrily swinging on the back door jam :laugh: and OH BOY was my dad ever the hero.

    Little miss princess sat alone on her swing in her pink fancy dress and tried to look like she didnt give a damn :laugh:
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  15. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    Getting my first computer! Closely followed by getting a portable colour TV... and then the video recorder. (you can see a trend here but hey it was the 80's I'd never seen these things before)

    And then there were all the important people in my life... like erm... the shop assistants?
  16. Spikey

    Spikey Senior Member

    Oooh. Toughie.. big toughie... erm............... erm............ erm.......... guess it'd be going on a caravan holiday when I was young :laugh:
  17. NooSenseFantastika

    NooSenseFantastika Well-Known Member

    my favorite childhood memory is when i was 14 in 8th grade and one of the 2 people ive ever looked up to wrote me a note in class telling me she knew my secret and gave me her number and told me she understood and would help if i ever needed it.

    (my favorite adulthood memory was when the other person i look up too...the lesbian comedian Bridget McManus replied to my myspace message...)

    I still talk to both... :biggrin:
  18. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    None, maybe some dumb sports memory where one of my favorite sports team won a big game but I have no real memories where I felt any happiness or joy, infact I have no memories of my life feeling happiness or joy, I might have about 6 weeks ago but I was an idiot, then 2 days later some horrific thing happened and now I am fucked
  19. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    Many favorites, love this one.

    My Brother and I had bicycles fitted with heavy metal baskets on either side of the rear wheel to carry newspapers on our paper routes. At night we would pop wheelies so the baskets would scrape the street and send a shower of sparks trailing our bicycles in a rooster tail.

    Along the same lines we would also speed wildly down streets crashing into each other until one of us was forced to crash into the back of a parked car, tree or just wiped out onto someone's front lawn. We were nuts! :biggrin:
  20. NeverHappy

    NeverHappy Well-Known Member

    I never experienced any happiness in childhood. I lived on filthy run down social housing estates with rampant crime. I was bullied like hell at school and had no friends. My brothers kicked the crap out of me routinely. My father was an alcoholic who was drunk literally 24/7. My mother had a nervous breakdown and became a wreck. I had horrible nightmares all the time. I'd never had a holiday (still haven't) and barely left my house.
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