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Favorite music from movies


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I haven't watched Requiem For A Dream for a long time but from what I recall the ending is brutal as the four characters lives all unravel. This song is beautiful but utterly haunting!

Oh-My. . ! ; ) Heafvy movie, there: for sure!;)! Haven't seen it in for~ever, either & as you say--the ending, is just "almost too much!" ;D I just always remember my favorite part being at/or near the ending, when everything is coming to-gether at once; & then you've suddenly got this scene, or shot inter-cut/or cross-cut in with some other scenes that are also ongoing: but the one I always recall & focus on - is the scene w/Jennifer Connelly in the tub. And it's like maybe hovering (the camera) from above "looking on down," as she's like curled up in a ball or something... & the next time we see her (i think?) is from underwater ~~*> // (& then I remember thinking. . . the first time I'd watched, or seen it; "Is She DEAD-?!?!") ;D_>* ...& then of course, we get^ that epic, guttural, primal. . . straight-from-the depth's of Hell - SCREAM (from under the water...;)) w/all those bubbles & everything shooting out of her mouth! ( ; i was like; "blown~away!" (& in a good-way) . . :^)


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Hmm... I should not have found this thread :P

The guy who sang this put his all into it because they deliberately didnt tell him it was a comedy :P

Lord Of The Rings always had an enchanting soundtrack

Shawshank Redemption, amazing film.

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