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Favourite song?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Element, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Element

    Element Member

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know if you have a favourite song. I am a huge Green Day fan, they are one of the greatest bands ever. Well, that's my opinion.

    I have loads of songs I love, all from different genres of music, and I wouldn't call this my favourite song, but just one I love, it really speaks to me. It's The Reason, by Hoobastank. I think it's great, but as I said, that's my opinion. So what song(s) would you consider your "favourite"?
    Hannah <3
  2. Ryo_Ohki

    Ryo_Ohki Guest

    fav song atm is
    Super Eurobeat vol.111 - Matt Land - Invisible

    title jus sums me up

    and my fav green day song is
    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  3. BrokenPieces

    BrokenPieces Well-Known Member

    I cant say, because it has to be the mood!

    By if anything, I love everything from Evanescence!
  4. Wonderstuff

    Wonderstuff Staff Alumni

    I like "The Reason" :) And I play Boulevard of Broken Dreams!!! :D :drums:

    My favourite song... *ponders* I have so many. I think I'm going to have to go with, currently, "On and On (About You)" by Bowling For Soup :)
  5. indie_freak

    indie_freak Guest

    There is a light that never goes out - the smiths

    i hate the smiths but it is the best written song of all time ever so if it's for lyrics that but i much prefer the version of it done by David Ford
  6. Ryo_Ohki

    Ryo_Ohki Guest

    Super Eurobeat Vol.78 - Mr Groove - Night & Day
  7. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    atm its shivaree - goodnight moon but throughout my life its always been alanis, lennon and the counting crows.
  8. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Hmm... I have way too many favourite songs, and so I'm not going to post them all here, although it is interesting to know what everyone else likes.

  9. feathers

    feathers Well-Known Member

    Fiction by Avenged Sevenfold. Sorry I thought I would delibrately revive a really, really, really old thread :D.
  10. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Lucky Pierre- Shatterproof.
  11. PiecesMended

    PiecesMended Well-Known Member

    My favourite song depends on my mood - right now it's Dig Up Her Bones - The Misfits, which all my mates but one considers old and crap by defualt ¬.¬
  12. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    The smiths~Asleep.
  13. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    First day of my life - bright eyes
    Changes a lot though
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