Legally I am an adult, but considering what I have been through there should be some sort of valid excuse for staying this long. I was raised by an emotionally neglectful father who also used emotional abuse in order to punish me for normal mistakes. If I happened to drop a glass cup that is probably worth 2, I could guarantee that my day would be ruined and the next few days after just for a chipped glass cup. My mental illnesses and never receiving medication for my ADHD, have contributed much for staying 4 years after I was supposed to leave. I finished HS after running away and traumatically going insane in my second year of a college academy in HS, and I transferred out of that college academy in the beginning of my 3rd year into a regular HS. I watched all my friends from the college academy graduate 2 years before me; depressing me even more. I need not explain I had problems with SH, and S thoughts, and considerations in the past...too many of them. Now I am stuck with this half a shift shoddy part-time job to save up money when I have repeatedly failed to budget my spending due to being a beginner at valuing expenses as I live through life.

To cut it short, ever since I became a legal adult, I have been constantly watching my back with the same neglectful father in my corner who does not give any valuable advice, and when he does say something its to remind me that I cannot win the fight. It does not help that my mother was not even present for most of my life and when I do meet her, she molests me. She means nothing to me. She is not family, and I doubt whether my father is as well. Everyone I know paints him as a hero, yet they never lived with him. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get out of his house? btw the military will not even take me.

I need to make money legally in the most efficient manner possible. Also Education here is......well lets just say its for people with supportive wealthy parents. I'm considering blue collar jobs that pay well like a plumber, electrician, maybe even a mechanic.

Reply, if you care.


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Hi there, replying because I care.

What do you mean when you say your mother molests you?

I'm like you I don't get a lot of money but squander it when I do so I can only say that I can relate. Have you tried putting a little money away each week into the bank, just a small amount - it all adds up in the end.

We are here for you and you know you can rely on us when feeling down in the dumps. Keep talking to us here, it might help to let it all out.

(hugs) if wanted :)


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My family is utter bullshit (the last time I talked to my mother I was shamed over a case of water bottles) and I totally relate to the way you were treated. I got beat by my father over a dirty fork once.
I am intentionally homeless because it's better than any alternative. My husband left his abusive parents to live in his car. We're now traveling musicians.
Dunno if that helps, but if I were you I'd do ANYTHING other than continue to live with the source of my troubles.

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