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  1. Invisible Child

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    Is there anyone within the community who fear some of the other members? I have never met these people in real life and don't even know why I fear them but I do. When I see their name pop up it's panics me. I shouldn't fear these members because I know they are here to help keep me (and everyone else safe) but I do. When they are in the chat room I find myself going really quiet because I'm afraid to talk. Maybe I'm just losing what is left of my mind, I don't even know anymore.
  2. darkhorse91

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    What exactly do you fear that they will do?
  3. Invisible Child

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    Idk.... just ............. i can't even put it into words right now and it really doesn't matter anymore. Thanks for replying here.
  4. Useless

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    I know exactly what you mean about how you feel when you see certain names pop up.

    Or when you see certain names in the chat room. As of today im very fearful of some. I have only been here in on this forums just over 48 hours... So this is not really a good sign at all.
  5. Motivebalance

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    I fear if I'm to nice they are going to set me up and make someone kill me maybe because of a lie, rumor, or somebody telling some one that I said something about them.. I fear this mostly only on bad communities with people with more issues that can easily aggreaviate them. But in other communities its easier and purely nice most of the time.