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  1. Fear

    Fear knows when to strike;
    when to leave its victim shivering in a corner.
    Fear can disarm an opponent with a glance,
    Paralyze with a breath,
    Kill with a touch.

    Fear can slip through any barrier.
    Hope shatters and pride is cowed by Fear.
    Once Fear has a hold, it will not let go.
    The bravest warrior will flee the battle and
    the noblest hero will grovel before Fear.

    Fear cannot be defeated, only held at bay.
    Those who stand against it must accept this brutal reality.
    Rely not upon false hopes,
    for they will be swept away like sand by the tide.

    There are some who dare to stand against Fear;
    those we call Marines.

    They stand alone, knowing there is no hope.
    Marines, bred and trained in battle,
    fight the enemy hordes with courage and bravery.
    They do not back down nor ask for quarter.
    Marines will fight to the end to defend their country.
    Fear has no meaning to them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.