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fearful when posting?


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni
Are you fearful when posting on here?

It can be difficult when seeing these posts that have been curated or are getting millions of views.

What is correct to post? What will be noticed by people?

Here are a couple of things that I have learned during my time working with people on LinkedIn.

1. Post what you feel is correct for you and is within the rules, if you believe it to be correct, it will be.

2. Post about things that you are passionate about and you are bothered about as they might come out the most authentic.

3. Try not to look at what others are doing, it's irrelevant, focus on yourself.

4. Have the mindset "Whatever I post will be correct" and then let it go and have faith in it.

5. Believe in yourself and who you are and what you post.

6. Have the mindset that some will not like what you post, some will not reply and that is okay as it is not a competition.

7. Try not to write your content from a place of fear (anger) it will rarely come out the right way.

8. Try not to over think your content or posts, the best ones will roll straight out.

You are welcome and have a productive day

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