Fears ECT?/ life falling apart

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    I'm scared. My doctors want me to go through ECT. I've had it before but i lost 2 years of my life. They say now they can adjust how its done. My friends and family said i was like a zombie for the longest time after treatments. However, I have a few friends who think that it would be beneficial because of how severe my depression is. They say they can see a huge change in me lately for the worse. I agree that something needs to be done. My depression is pretty bad right now. I'm not thinking clearly, i'm sleeping too much, and my anxiety it through the roof. I'm having suicidal thoughts. I thought I was at peace about his treatment but I guess not. Has anyone had ECT lately? Did it help? They want to do it outpatient as of my last visit with my psychiatrist 2 weeks ago but after this week it will probably be changed to inpatient. Besides I have no driver and no one to stay with me 24 hours after each procedure.

    On top of everything i have 2 family members in the hospital. One just had open heart surgery and the other their appendix removed. There have been complications with both. AAHHHHH! My life is falling apart.

    I'm afraid to go into the hospital. I've been admitted on numerous occasions. Plus i don't know what mom would do. She's sick and i take care of her.
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    I'm very sorry to hear about all of this trouble you've been having, and, I think I can relate! While I have never had ect treatments before, they have been strongly recommended for me by my psychiatrist for a period of about two years now. The primary reason for this is that I have not yet responded to anti-depressant medication, after trying several--in some cases--from each class of drugs. Therapy doesn't really do it for me, so some thing this aggressive may be on my horizon to help as well.

    I suppose the reasons I have rejected the ect route thus far have a lot to do with the unknown: how exactly does it work? How badly will my memory suffer (both short-term & long)? Will it wreck my cognitive functioning? Such as critical thinking/problem solving? That said, this is all just MY OPINION. I could of course be, entirely wrong about every thing!

    I've been in the hospital about a dozen times in the past three years or so, & have had the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of the results of this treatment with a handful of patients (who may have not been in the best state of mind to give a concise summary). The answers were all over the place: some were confused, some were relieved, some recalled prior treatments with comments like, "The last time I had it it helped for about six months." A lot of folks were just giving it a go because they felt they had no other choice after exhausting all other options.

    I would suggest talking to your doctor and getting all of your questions and concerns addressed and answers beforehand, as well as going online to webmd or mayo clinic mn to see exactly what you're in for. Don't get me wrong, I don't know how it's going to go, as I cannot speak from experience!

    Also, with regards the circumstances with which you are faced, I would seek to do the entire thing inpatient if possible, so as to alleviate the stresses of having to care for any body but your self in this time of need.

    Good luck no matter what you decide! I know it helps many, many people--according to my doctor, who happens to be some thing of a specialist when I comes to this method.
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    Thanks MisterBGone. I appreciate the advice. I've decided to go ahead with it. However I still have a lot of questions. So I"m going to get them answered first. I have done tons of research on it but have not found it comforting. Hopefully the doctor can put my mind at ease. I know the doctor who would be doing the treatment so that help relieve some fear. I will definitely have it inpatient. I think that that would be best. This past weekend feels like it has been the longest of my life. Anyway, getting ready to go see therapist. She'll decide if I can wait til tomorrow to see psychiatrist before I am hospitalized. When I get out I'll post how I'm doing and what i remember about the ECT.