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Fecking weak!!

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I'm so fucking weak. Ain't bought paracetamol in fucking ages. Then i just go but 32 of 500mg paracetamol. How fucking weak am i! Not enough to do shit but i still go buy them. WHY!?!?!? I dont fucking get myself!!!!!!!!!!!

To, well you know who u are.

I'm sorry ok. You don't need my shit right now. Not gonna call you if i got shit going on. Should only call to check on you. Should only do that. Thats it.

Sa Palomera

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To, well you know who u are.

I'm sorry ok. You don't need my shit right now. Not gonna call you if i got shit going on. Should only call to check on you. Should only do that. Thats it.

Friendship doesnt go one-way, viks. I'm glad we talked.
just...Please don't do it. Flush them, please!
No shouldnt of called u, shouldnt of gone off like that. Knew u was bad, shouldn't of been on the phone while going to the shop. Im sorry. Im sorry. Im sorry.

I really am.


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Viks i might be a lil bit of a hypocrite where tablets are concerned but i so wish you could manage to get rid of them.......i know it hard it is......i just wish....please....

im here for ya hun.


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Oh well sorry for caring and who says i wasnt already worried aobut you.Why does it have to be down to your post.i always worry aobut you regardless of what you post.Its what friends do.Sorry.i happen to worry about everything at the moment.i am not well.Sorry.i'll just shut up.Hugs.
no hun! its not like that. Please don't take it that way. Theres certain people that really dont need to see what i said right now. Thats the reason i took it down.
no i said i WOULD flush them, was talking to u after i sent the text. So never got the chance.

Still got them. Dont worry.

And dont be mad at me please :cry:


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Its ok im sorry Viks!im likely to take things the wrong way tonight.Sorry hun.i didnt mean to take it the wrong way.Dont worry about me worrying though cos i worry about everything at the moment.Its just me bieng kath!!!ANd i will worry aobut you a lot regardless of what you post cos your a good friend of mine.

As for taking the post down cos you feel certain people really dont need it right now i can understand that.

But on the other hand i think they pretty much know anyway.

YOur choice anyway hun!!!!i know you dont feel like staying safe right now but i really hope you manage hun.Hugs.

Take care
I wanna so badly. Got told if i meant what i said and care that much then i wouldn't do it.

Wanna so fecking badly. Don't wanna hurt people. Can't do anything right. Should of just done it and kept my mouth shut and not told anyone about wanting to do it. Or that i had ODed. That way no one would worry or get hurt. Thats the best way.
Bollocks to it.

Sorry to Ester, Kath, Terry, John and who ever i've talk to about this. Sorry. Yeah im fucking weak. Whatever. Gonna prove how weak i really am.


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Hanhg on im a bit unclear from your posts if your still tempted to OD or if you actually have tonight?i know you cant say what you were thinkimng of taking or had taken on here and in some ways whether it is the intense temptation that is the problem here or the fact that youve actually dont something in many ways doesnt affect how i will reply to you.But i am a bit confused and would add that if you have taken anything please dont take anymore.And i hope you manage to go to the hsspital.In fact the hospital to seek help may be an idea if youve taken anything or not.They may be able to help you either way.Its important to keep you safe and maybe you cant do that for yourself right now.Or maybe they could suggest some other forms of support for ylou too or put more in place or your GP or something?Or is there anyone else you could talk to?i mean im happy to sit here and talk to you but wish i could do more so was just trying to think what you may have where you are located.Please take care.kath


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Well done hun.You are strong not weak.i know you dont feel it but you are so strong hun.Here for ya.Sorry aobut the headache.
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