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Fed up of school

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by E.D, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. E.D

    E.D Member

    Well, I am fed up of school. I am three years into my secondary education (high school) and I don't know what to do. Just before the end of 2nd year I was like this too. I get 3 months Summer holidays and now I am back and really fed up. I get lots of homework and half way through I went 'whats the point' and gave up. I think that about school and the answer I'm given is to get an education and make friends and get a good job and to be well payed and what? See...I dont see the point I just want it to end. I am extremely grateful to everyone in my life and I know it would be seen as extremely selfish to kill myself but i dunno...i dont think i'm extremely suicidal but I could see myself killin myself in the next year. I used to cut my wrists when I was younger but then I stopped (I had this feeling then too). I just don see the point of life. Part of my personality (hardcoded into me from my dad's side, believe me, I've tried to stop but its instinct) is to do everything REALLY well (like as best I can). This really annoys me as I cant find I can do my work half assed. I know this is a positive quality but it ends up effecting me negatively. Also on my dads side is a lack of (i 4get the word, will use) drive to do well (my uncle doesnt have any, but I think, so what?), and I think I get that. I work my f*ckin ass off in school and get nothing out of it (a good education, yay! so i can go to the grave with the ability to quote Yeats). Another thing 'hardcoded' into me is an interest in girls (not like stalker loner creep) i just ahevnt ever known any and just feel sort of lonely. now i feel like a loner gobshite so i'm going to stop typing. I'm not a loner and not a goth, i like pcs but not a complete nerd in school, not part of the coolest guy in school but im ok. dont luk great either.

    If any of you good ppl can suggest a quick suicide or way out of school im all ears. (i no ther isnt a magic method for suicide, but i'd like to know i have something ther just in case, I also realize if I really was very suicidal I wudnt be able to rite this)

    P.S Normally I would have written all of this really well but I don't know...
    I am sorry.
  2. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Hi ED. I am a high school teacher and I think that you should finish high school and get your diploma. There are very few employers that will hire a high school drop out. I know that school can be rough. It's hard on both students and teachers, but we have to tough it out. You sound like a decent guy to me. :hug:
  3. flowingriver

    flowingriver Well-Known Member

    Stay in school, hun. You have a lot to live for. You can be different from your Dad, because even in genetics, we also have free will to modify our responses.
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