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Fed up


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Im just feeling really really low. Dont really know what else to say.
That’s okay 👌! Sometimes, we just don’t know what to say, quite frankly—& furthermore, that you’ve said anything at all, is just plenty good enough! (Or more than enough. . .) / Sorry to hear you’re down. If you’d like to add anything else; anything at all - including “get lost! Mr B.” We will be happy to oblige you. :D
Yesterday I couldn't really figure out how I felt or why. Ive been going through some really emotional crap lately that I've been trying to deal with and I think it's took its toll on me.
Ive done stupid things to try and lessen the emotions.
No it didn't help.
I just get so confused sometimes.
Thank you for your replies.


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I hope you are feeling a bit better now (or a lot :) )

What are your plans for the rest of the week? Maybe try and make some so you stay distracted *hug

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