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    So Krista and I got superly fed up with all the ridicule we received from out friends and family as well as our churches about our relationship, so we made a support site for people struggling with their sexuality and all other things revolving around sexuality. If you want to join here is a link :) CLICK!! Its called Silent Screams. :)
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    kiddo, you just astonished the socks right off my feet.
    i knew you had it in you...just waiting to see it...waiting to see if you could get some forward momentum going.

    GOOD HEAVENS GIRL! WAY TO GO!!! I'm totally supportive and impressed!

    **Pat on back**Big Hugs**
    Totally cool. Excellent. This is a very good thing, kiddo!

    My best advice to you now, be patient, consistent, persistent...it may take time for the site to catch on but you have to keep making posts...etc...give it time, let ppl know about it, etc. Do not give up. Respond to everyone, don't burn out.

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    I think that will be the biggest challenge, not burning out. Its going to be hard but i know that me krista and the other staff there can do it! :) *big hugs* xxxxxxxxxxx

    Thanks :D
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    I like the design of it =)
    Great idea too. :)
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    Thanks :) we keep changing designs tho so its different now LOL But i think it will stay like it is now tho. :)