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Fed up!

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I am fed up with people telling me i can't change who i am cos God made me how i am!

I can't bare to even see myself naked because i disgust myself. i make myself feel physically sick and they don't want me to change cos of God? they have never felt what it is like to hate themselves cos that are in the wrong body. they don't klnow what its like to face every day with wanting to burn bits off or cut the hell out of themselves. it may not be natural for me to feel like this but here i am and i'm fed up with people telling me i should stay the same and suffer all because it goes against their religion!


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dont listen to the bible bashers...only you know how you feel. if you feel you are in the wrong body who is anyone to tell you different. its these people that make you feel bad about yourself. go to your doc, take the action you need to get your mind and body in the same place. if you feel happy with who you are, thats worth more than being what other people want you to be.

the sad fact is, the majority of people are ignorant of having the mind of one sex and the body of another as its not widely discussed or acknowledged so to be fair, its not their fault they dont understand. doing what you need to do in these circumstances will be hard, you just have to decide if its harder to live in the wrong body with negative vibes or live in the right body with negative vibes. one demon or two...

put your needs first... :hug:
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