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Fed up.

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I haven't posted here before. Im 'new' I guess. I felt like I wanted to post somewhere where no-one knew me so here I am.
I know that there is someone on this site that feels the same way I do and it is so nice not to feel alone.
My friends say that they understand but they dont. This darkness inside of me is all I can think about. I can't spend time with my friends anymore because I can feel it all around me.
I have spent the last sunny days in jumpers to hide my arms. They are covered in scars. I wish I had the courage to walk around with them out so people knew how I was feeling on the inside. I am so bored of hiding this.
I tried to commit suicide last Sunday. My friend helped me. I didn't want to die. I know that now. But I cannot do this anymore.
I don't know how to be me. I don't see any future in my life. I only see depression and it is killing me.

Im going to a new phycistrist tomorrow. For more conversations that will lead to fucking nowhere.
I wish I could escape.


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What do you think causes this darkness, what kind of thoughts are you having? Is this something created by other people?? Or the feeling they will let you down??
Sorry things are feeling hopeless for you right now. I'm new here and feel much the same. Is there anything you do that brightens up your day or at least dulls it for you?
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