Fed up.

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  1. TheOncomingStorm

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    I'm fed up of all the fucking appointments with all the different people yet they all say the same thing when they dont even understand what it is like to feel like I do. They take the piss, ruining my fucking day with their stupid words making me feel even worse than I do.

    Nothing is going to get better, I know that but when will they realise it? Because its about time they did. My life is always going to be this way whilst I am alive. I will spend my life in and out of psychiatric hospitals - been told that one already. I wont be able to live like others my age, because I am fucked in the head, because I am mentally ill with stuff that can't be cured.

    So screw all the appointments and bring on my date. Cant wait for the relief. And when that day comes that is it, no more pain and no more suffering. No more people saying the same old shit, telling me that they are trying to understand when they are bloody well not.
  2. total eclipse

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    Getting one stable can take several years hun But get this it can happen and has happen okay Mental illness is treatable the are psychiatrist lawyers and other professionals with mental illness and they are functioning and living a so called normal life like you want It take time but it can happen
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    I can relate to some things you have said.
    I can't wait til January to kill myself :) Don't ask me why I'm waiting til then- I guess I just want 1 last Christmas.
  4. TheOncomingStorm

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    Dont worry about the wait, mines been planned for a few months and still isn't for a few more months lol...Theres no point rushing it because you do only live once, do the last few bits you want to do first, at least thats what i'm doing.