Feeding the Monster

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  1. What is Feeding the Monster?
    Either it's a new term that I'm the first to use, or it's a phenomenon that's sweeping humanity as we speak.
    It's something that we do everyday, especially if we aren't conscious of the the concept of it.
    Basically it's continuing to taking the Blue Pill and living the life of conforMALity that over time is detrimental to our society and future.

    But what's worse of all is we don't recognize or care that we are doing it.

    What are some of these monsters we feed?
    Well to name a few, it's some that we have to do to survive because we know of no other way. We have to work at jobs so we can make money to support our habits of paying bills. But by doing that we are in a world of competition, production oriented facilities that will fire you if you aren't fast enough or making sales. Cutting corners so that more qualified or needing people won't get the job so that you can fix your own problems.

    Driving cars to get to work. Many of us like Big and Fast cars. We all need cars to get to work 30 miles away or even a 2 mile trek requires a car. Walking, Biking, Carpooling, or Public Trans isn't an option. We pollute the world with our emissions running while. Big vehicles use more fuel. We don't have access to alternate fuels yet conviently

    In relationships we always want better. We want romance and when it's gone or something else superficial we dump them for the next shiny object we see. This makes the other people feel sad and go to therapists, or online forums like suicideforum.com, or become the next Osama Bin Laden supervillian. We don't care to fix the little problems in relationships and build from friendship. It's all business baby!

    In America we don't have cures for diseases. There is no Cure for AIDS. That's just they way they want it. Without a cure for diseases. People get sick and stay sick. This keeps the hospitals open and overcrowded. Jails get overcrowded because we don't care about rehabilitation, just punishing. When we get speeding tickets we don't take their license...we just want their money and keep them on the road so they can drive reckless and drunk and kill and injure others to keep hospitals and jails running to make more money.
    Why do we see so many healthcare college commericials during daytime and overnight television.
    If no one was sick, hospitals and schools would go out of business.
    We don't make infidelity in marriages illegal. We want people to have multiple babies with multiple mothers and fathers. So Maury and Jerry Springer will have an endless line of episodes to make until the year 5034.
    They say we have to go to college to be successful. Not true, but people believe it.
    Somehow AT&T Sprint and Verizon get Millions of people to pay for their contract services, and convince them to yap on their phones all day and pay for overages. I can't stand to see EVERYONE on the phones in public...even listening to music on it. We don't need to talk on the phone more than 1000 minutes a month. Just talk online for free, or in person. Otherwise get prepay.
    We need calamity. Without it, the world we be perfect. If everyone had a reliable friend or therapist to check on them at least weekly. If everyone was finanically stable and self sufficient...the parasitic worm, the Monster inside of our bodies couldn't survive. And that is scary. A happy healthy harmonious life is unfathomable. We need the government to tell us what to do and make our lives a living hell, by not helping us when we need them to. We need to never agree with everyone and strangle each other's throats and not cooperate.
    Let us continue to build the nuclear bomb that once complete it will destroy us all once we press the big red button that says "Do NOT Press"
    All that will be left is the cockroaches....twinkies I don't think will make it this time.

    Those are some of the ways we feed the monster (oh yeah and the whole digital conversion/HD TV thingy)

    I have been Feeding the Monster since 1984 myself. Not proud of it, but it's what I must do to survive.
  2. Monsieur

    Monsieur Well-Known Member

    Terrible isn't it? Nearly all of us are born into a society, and simply that act of being born into the "civilized world" subtly brands us with a debt towards society. We are forced to obey its rules, regulations, and conducts on behavior and thought. People submit to the philosophy of hedonism so willingly because what I can say, it feels good and that's all most people know. It's a philosophic monopoly by society, people are forced to accept society's dogmas and doctrines because that is simply the only thing they know and can turn to.
  3. Tome811

    Tome811 Member

    I relate to much of what you've written. Anyone ever have a loved one in a hospital or health care facility, needing help? The "workers" come into the room very quickly and barely look at the patient. And if it's a pair or more of them come into the room, then the B/S session starts non-stop. All you can hear is what where they're going for lunch, when their breaks are coming up, where they're going tonight to party, etc. And don't forget that if the patient's visitor doesn't look "happy" or wish to lick their asses, then the visitor is a threat of some sort and should be evicted.

    Anyone wanting to work(I'm talking actually working, not sitting through B/S sessions) is held back by not being able to work the extra hours. So that the taxes can increase and all the extra is not seen in the reward. As well as the companies refusing to allow overtime because the more hours that are cut, the bigger bonus the manager gets. People I've seen in this corner of the world refuse to work holidays and weekends. I was willing to work these, no second thought. But working for a living HAS to be made miserable. It's the way of the working world. If you're not miserable, then something must be done so that you feel stress. As if life MUST SUCK!

    All I ever really had in this world was my Mother. There were bad times as well as good. I knew that when the day came she was gone, I'd be all alone. I've tried and tried to find new work after being put on the street after almost 12 years, and then to lose her. The war of trying to survive was difficult. Until I started having pains and problems. Being all alone is a hopeless road where the dead end is coming up soon.

    I see on here where some have 150 posts or more and are talkign about wanting to die. People that are teenagers or not much older writing about how they want to die. I say give it until you're at least 30-35 years old. If you still feel like such a loser, then come back here and write about suicide. If you have never had a lover in your life, if your parents are gone if you're going to lose everything because you can no longer work(feeding the machine), then let's hear about your desire.

    If you've had or have a lover or some friends that actually speak to you, the ability to work 8 hours a day and parents or a parent that you can actually still give a hug to, then you need to reconsider and put suicide on hold.
  4. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    I would recommend antipsychotics. And a spellchecker.
  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    There is some wisdom in what you wrote about 'feeding the monster.' The big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Glaxo Smith Klien manufacture their drugs so that we can become dependent on them and they can make billions of dollars in profits every year. For example, these drugs they make for mental illnesses don't really work that well, do they? If they worked well, then there wouldn't be so many suicidal people. Also, consider how addictive the painkillers are. Why are they so addictive? So you can be hooked on them for the rest of your life.

    Cancer is the worst though. Cancer kills many people every year, yet no proven cures have been discovered? Are the reserchers incompetent or do they not care to find cures, because cancer is big business? 'Cures' don't make them rich, because once you're cured, you won't need the drug anymore. 'Treatments' are the cash-cows, because you will need the 'treatment' for a very long time. What a world we live in.
  6. yes, the whole world is like some Metal Gear Solid Series phenom. Telling us propaganda, so that we make ourselves dependent on them because they depend on us for survival. If only we realize the true power we have.
    And yes it's true about the healthcare, but it goes beyond that, such as working to NOT be self sufficient. I rather be self sufficient than rich. Because being rich is too violate and depending on keeping that money and all the trouble that surrounds it.
    And also things like relationships. We only seem to think about ourselves rather than the US in relationships. All to offer people break up for senseless reason because "I have to look out for what's best for me" "There is someone better out there for me" or something of that nature. But all too offen they never find it or thought they did and it didn't pan out, so they go back to the old flame just to dump them again later, and the cycle repeats. Classic Romance novel, and blockbuster movie. It be boring if we never jilted our lovers, and who the heck wants that? (Sighs)...Yeah..who wouldn't want peace and cooperation?
  7. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    I think the key is to recognize the bullshit in the world and live your life the way that you want to. It's okay to go against the 'norm.' It's funny though. If you try telling people these things about the pharaceutical companies and the government, they think that you're just paranoid.
  8. Good point on that last one. Have to present it to them the right way.
  9. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    It all makes sense once you really think about it. Everyone is in business to get rich, even our doctors and the drug manufacturers.
  10. Shezz

    Shezz Member

    Money has become our new God.

    A shame, really. That we can't realize that we can end all this.

    Do we really need pain in our lives? NO! NO WE DON'T!

    But some evil people out there obviously decided that we do.

    So the pain goes on. And people make money out of it.

    Because money...is our god.
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