Feel bad for my dad

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    I can tell he cares about me, now that I am at this low point in my life I can tell her cares and he is giving me subtle advice not to waste my life

    I wish I could have spoken my mind and told him how much I hated him growing up, there could have been some resolution, now I am dead I can tell he cares about me and it sucks, I imagine if he found out I killed myself he would be crushed, or maybe he would be happy, I imagine he would be crushed but who knows

    or maybe he doesnt give a shit about me, I know growing up he hated me or he wasnt the best parent or he had his issues, now that I am older and I am fucked I can tell he cares about me

    I wish he didnt give a shit about me, so I could get on with my plans and not worry about him, but this low point in my life I feel close to crying or saying things I probably never would have said

    Mother fucker why did some of this shit have to happen in the last 2 years, that fucking criminal veteriarian I could kill him in cold blood, it is not fair what he did to me and my father and my family, I want to murder this son of a bitch so bad, I could slit his throat and not feel a fucking thing

    god how I would love to kill this son of a bitch, I need to find out he is dead to get on with my life

    I was a fucking compassionate person and this criminal cock sucking veterinarian saw that and he manipulated me, he knew I would do anything for my dog, Oh how I want him to die so bad, I hope I hear about him flipping his motorcycle and killing himself or maybe becoming crippled for life, this manipulative cock sucker destroyed my life, how I want him to suffer so bad

    I look at his face on the internet and it is the face of satan, this guy is satan with his cold dead eyes, oh how I want him to suffer

    mother fucker i need to erase the last 2 years or the last 3 1/2 years at least when I broke my ankle, my life would have been fucking great now I am dead
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