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Feel good when you can't think straight?

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Well, right now I don't feel depressed.

Yesterday I felt severely suicidally depressed.

The difference between today and yesterday? Outwardly, nothing.

Inwardly, I literally feel like I'm functioning at a diminished capacity or something.

As if my mind is sort of a clouded fog. For example, I can't really seem to ponder things deeply right and as right, it's very difficult to express exactly what I mean.

Even right now I just deleted a paragraph I was half way through because I lost where I wanted to go with it.

It's like I'm just an overthinker or something.

No real question here, just a tidbit of mildly relevant info about my brand of crazy.

I haven't felt like this since this past summer. Hope it lasts as long as it did then.

No idea what it is, but I ought to bonk myself on the head or something so I can have this "cloudy" feeling all the time.


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The sharper my mind is the more it focuses on dreadful thoughts and worry... OCD and generalized anxiety- my brand of nutzoid :laugh: so having one of my "duh days" is beneficial. Seriously, maybe you could benefit from daily meditation where you are cosistently training your mind to function in a healthier and less frenzied way.


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Talk to your shrink and tell him whats going on.. They have meds that help with irrational thoughts..I'm on them because of my crazy thoughts..


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Absolutely. That's why I go without sleep, I think. I crave the feeling of pure happiness that accompanies exhaustion.
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