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Feel its just me and can't stop

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Hi I am 26yrs I live in Ireland I have two beautiful kids and a partner and a loving family, You think this would be enough but its not. I have been cutting myself for 10yrs now and I can't seem to stop I wish I understood y that would be a star.

I was raped when I was 16 by two men much older than myself. I guess I was lost form then. I also had a lost a baby at 20 and had to have an abortion at 23 god it sounds so bad but there is so much more that it feels I need to just stop and let go by leaving this place that I am at..:sad: :confused: :lost: :seehearsp
:welcome: to SF deep. You have been through many different traumatic events in such a short amount of time. You have not been able to process them before the next hits it seems. Do you have someone to talk with about your feelings and about what has happened in the past? I hope you are not trying to deal with this all alone, because that is so hard to do. We are here to listen and provide support to you when we can. Feel free to keep posting as often as you would like. We will not judge you for the things you choose to share. My PM box is open if you would like to talk. I will get back with you as soon as I can. Take care and stay safe. You have taken the first step in posting. Let us help where we can. :hug:


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There's a lot of people here that will listen, feel free to send PMs or use instant messanging programs to anyone here anytime.


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Thank you all for your kind wordstalking on here to people that understand wat is going on is helping me to hear same stories as mine its like I feel its not just me I am not crazy. Its been three days since I last cut and I am trying so hard almost did it last nite but I remembered I have people here I can talk to so here is hoping that I can go longer. Although when I look at my arm its like it needs to bleed wish I could mend with out the cutting.

Thank you all xox

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:hug: :flowers: :grouphug:

Welcome hun.. sorry you are struggling.. Life can be so hard, I understand. But i'm glad you found SF. I hope it helps and you find the friendship and support you need. :hug:
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