feel like a tossed around used rag

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Feel like im only a use to anyone else, not a friend or an asset. If i have no use i am to be thrown aside. I feel alone, and misunderstood, if they even try to understand at all. I wanna Die, i wanna kill myself, i have my method right here, and i want to use it so bad. And i want to cut, i want< edit moderator total eclipse triggering >, but i cannot or she will see, and i hate how she only cares about how it looks on me and not why i do it. Just a fucking pawn to make the family look good, and they hate me cuz i wont play the fucking part im supposed to... i guess thats how it is with all of them, maybe thats why they all hate me. and therefore there is no use for me to go on. If im not a person and only a pawn, the best choice would be to kill myself.
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Wish I wasn't on my phone, I could give you s better reply. I know exactly how you feel. I had a similar situation too. Nothing about re reasons, just hide it and use this product so people dont notice... All appearances. I dunno. Are you in school? All I can really say is that I know how you feel, you gotta keep trying though. Try to hang on a couple of days... I'll fin this thread and give you a better reply because I see alot of similarities between us and I feel like I have something worth saying to you... Try to keep on it dude, even if it's just barely. I never felt like making a change, trying to feel better or fake it. It's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win. Take care and hopefully we'll talk soon.
unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who just want to use and abuse other people, and who are only concerned with superficial things

I think that fundamentally, the sickness is in them, but the disease ends up in you

is there a relative that you trust that you could live with instead of the relatives that you live with now?

I think that there are some domestic abuse sites/hotlines that might be able to help

getting some therapy and getting into a more positive environment could help

I hope that things can get better soon!


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I hope you are able to get out of this situation. It sounds toxic.

I wish there was more I could say... just be careful hun.


Talk to you soon!


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ThornInYourSide, Please do not feel that no one cares about you. I care a lot about you. You know that. I am sorry that you are having a ver difficult time with your life. If you want, I will chat with you. As you know I'm currently banned so I cannot chat with you on SF chatroom. But you can write to me.
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