Feel like I'm at the end of the line.....STATE HOSPITAL...HERE I COME...

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    So.....I met with my therapist today again, and she's been looking into residential programs for me to go into...but they've all fallen through the cracks so far, or don't want to accept me because of the severity of my illness, so she mentioned the State Hospital to me again today, and is feeling it is a good possibility for me to be going there soon. I'm scared to death, I don't want to go....I'm not that sick, or I don't think I am at least....I'm tired of feeling this way though, and being in and out of the hospital time and time again...but I don't want to go to the State...that's where they send the hopeless cases...I don't want to be locked up for the rest of my life, and I don't want to end up crazier than I already am....
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    I am sorry your so afraid If you sign in as a voluntary patient can you not sign out when you feel better. I think your doctor will make sure they look after you well and get you strong again. You are not hopeless you are just in need of some intervention probably just a short staY Talk with your doctor okay take care of you.