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feel like i'm being constantly kicked in the teeth

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i really feel like i'm being constantly kicked in the teeth by life and i'm tired of it i found out today that my mother may have to have a hysterectomy next year to see if it helps her health problems (she has alot of health problems)this news instantly made me feel like shit because the proceedure has alot of problems in itself and it mite not even help her anyway.right now i feel so helpless i dont know what to do or say all i can do is cry her health is bad enough without having to go through something like that i feel so miserable and would rather it happned to me rather than her im so sick of life doing this to me everytime i think life will finally be ok for once something like that always happens and i really do mean everytime i sometimes feel cursed because without fail something bad always happens.i wish with all my heart that i could go back to my childhood (not that i was even that happy then)a time when i didn't have to think about all of this and a time where things weren't this bad i know that i sound like a coward but i just cant help wanting to hide from the world hoping that thing will just go away even though i know that would be impossible.

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Hun don't worry abt hysteretomy hun That procedure is not as major as it use to be It will all go well and your mothers health will improve Sound like you are feeling overwhelmed with things hun time to sit back and just relax do something to calm you okay hugs
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