Feel like im going to implode......

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Enough is really enough, i cant stand the sheer amount of bullshit anymore.

Ok listen just because you havent seen something happen or it hasnt happened to you dont sit their and try and tell me its not actually happening, actually take your opinion and shove it up your fucking arse.

If your gonna lie about something go and fucking research the thing your trying to lie about and pray to god that no-one knows anyone with the thing your trying to chat pure and utter shit about.

If your religous then thats cool, go and believe in whatever you want, but do people really need to hear about jesus said this, god says do this? Keep your religion to yourself and stop mentioning it to everyone. Better still start a group somewhere and get all the religous fanatics to join who are the same persuasion as you and blast gospel or whatever to your hearts content so the rest of humanity who dont give a toss about religion can live in blissful ignorance. Im tired of people trying to spread the word. I dont wanna hear the word and neither do a lot of other people, theyre just polite enough not to go and tell you to fuck off.

To be honest this is the edited version of what i really wanna say. I dont really know how much more of this crap i can take, i might go and stick one of these things in the doctor and see how that prick deals with the after affects
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