Feel like my mental bell's got rung.

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    Overall I got quite a bit of good news this week but its just a little over stimulating. My side is killing me, not sure if any of it is from stress.

    So to catch up real quick, potentially have a part time job, my biggest and oldest four legged baby just went through surgery and is home but might have cancer, my pain and vomiting issues are gallbladder. Up comings are finding out if I need surgery next week, my first psych appointment in June, and my mother in law coming to borrow one of my children for a month.

    I know all of these things are good. I'm working on two more commissions, and.. I dunno. I just feel stretched a little. School will be out at the end of next week. I have vegan protein for my shakes now so I'm not missing out on anything since I can't eat meat easily without throwing up. I am tired, I am shaky. My life is so quiet most of the time that when things actually happen it takes me off guard. When this many things happen, I am very, very off guard. I feel a bit like a blank slate with buckets of paint about to be dumped. I've been trying to keep my umbrella up. I don't want to feel much of anything right now, and its a little hard. I want to be happy and relieved but I'm not. Just.. blah. I'm a little worried that the running static around my head with start getting loud again. So far I've been calm but its just been over 24 hours since the big stuff (my dog and my health). Less than a week for most of the rest.

    I'm ok right now, just trying to follow some advice, like talking about it/writing about it. As lame as some of this stuff might be to have any anxiety over, it is still there for me.
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    I don't think it's lame. That's a lot happening at one time, and if it was me, I'd probably be going through some anxiety about it too.
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