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Feel out of touch with society

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Been feeling so out of touch with the world that its hard to act normal without also acting the slightest bit of weird. My social skills are getting worse since i rarely use them. I just hope i can be normal when time comes to see someone.


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Its difficult when your heads all over the place. You wont be ther first person to think that. I once stayed home for a long period of time couldnt go out and i had forgotten how to start a conversation ! I hope you feel better soon *giant hug*
I totally empathize with your post. Sometimes I stay isolated because I think anyone who would talk to me would think I have the world's worst social skills. It feels like you speak a completely different language than others, sometimes.

One thing I can DEFINITELY suggest is looking into various conventions or clubs in your area (maybe your nearest major city). For me, going to our local annual Sci-fi convention is seriously the best 4 days of the year because I feel I can 100% be my awkward self and everyone completely understands.


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First I would like to ask a silly question. Whats normal? Because you know what? In my twenty nine--yes only twenty nine years of living I have found that the things that happen to people on this site happen to all types, and ages. So I would say that you are normal, and your behavior is normal. Others just repress it until they snap, or they ignore it and suffer until they die of old age by becoming addicted to something.
There is an end to all suffering and it is called knowledge. Evey question in the world has and answer. I have found them, and it helped me learn how to stop the past sufferings in my life, and helps me handle to overcome the ones that come into my life. I got my knowledge from leaving my old ways behind, and praying for enlightenment. I was lead to the only book that supplied the answers that I have found after searching a lifetime, and I read until I was done. I get life, myself, and everything. I know all the answers to my questions and then some. I pray you seek the answers someday, because I know you'll find them. Blessings..
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