Feel really fed up!

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    I just feel so angry, with myself with everyone else.
    Why am I such a walk over.

    It was my best friends birthday, and I had booked and paid for tickets to London, and was going to take her to see Grease in theatre which she was not aware of. To me that was a lovely thought and if someone had done that with me I would be so chuffed.

    It so happens it co incides with a drinks thing she had planned with a guy mate and some other people, I was also meant to be going to this drinks but I didnt realise it was the same day.

    So for ages she kept asking if we cud take a train home earlier , eventually we decided to cancel as her mom thought we would get lost in London, as the Tube are having works this weekend.And she felt bad for not turning up to the drinks thing

    She is now at her drinks thing without me, because she assumed I didnt want to go in the end. Never even asked me, I had to ring and ask her where she was , as she hadnt been incontact with me.

    I feel fed up because I try and do nice things for other people and Im the one thats left alone.

    P.s Im 23 btw
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    My daughter recently spent hundreds of dollars to put on a dinner for people she knew. People said they would come but they didn't. My daughter was crushed. I told her she may have chosen something that these people don't see as something special and not to try it with them again. She would be better to wait for people who she knows see it as special.

    I've had things like this happen and so has my mom. It's awful to go through. Please keep posting here all you need to. I would be angry too.

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    Hiya thanks for replying.

    I think whats upset me is she actually found out what I was doing, yet Im supposed to be her best friend, and she puts other people before me.

    I have really low self esteem, and just think whats the point , whats the point in anything.