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    everyday seems to be the same ive pushed everyone away from me and im stuck with me an my depression..... i used to be outgoin, always busy, have loads of friends, good job and a happy relationship and ive managed to fuck it all up in one go :huh: it all started with my depression and feeling so low all the time and my personality changed alot through thinkin to much and worrien about to many things in my life. feel so alone i find it hard to confide in ppl face to face so im on here letting it out, im 23 no job and stuck at home 99% of the time because i cant face other people through feelin so crap feels like im goin mad. im tryin to change for the better through meds and just started seein a councilor feels sooo crap not bein able to build a friendships or a relationship :sad:
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    Hi Andy and so sorry you are feeling this way...treatment takes time...but you can decide on smaller steps to achieve so that you feel better as you are waiting for more global skills to develop again...this is a good place to practice sharing and supporting yourself and others...big hugs, J
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    Hey fellow loner. Your a bigger man than me becuase ive not gone to take meds or see someone. Good on you. Ill add you on msn, saw your thread in buddy forum.
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    I can relate to that Andy, well done on seeking professional help, that really takes courage! I'm here if you need to talk. :hug:
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    Wow, creepy resemblance with my life..:huh:
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    thanks for the responses been really down n depressed just hopein life will change for the better cant see it happenin soon thanks for the add murry just accepted chat to you soon
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    Keep in mind andy that therapy takes time and you have to tell all so they can put together a treatment plan for you..