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feel stupid

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I feel stupid.. my mouth isn't working right. I get these like.. short times my brain so overload I don't make sense.. Was on phone someone now I home cuz confused and paranoid almost where I was.. I feel stupid.. Don't want talk out loud cuz I sound weird.. I sound stupid..

My brain overloaded.. I have had before.. I feel not real.. i see my hand and i think it fake.. feel strange..

Should sleep.. but idk.. I hate self.. I feel selfish.. I don't make sense.. I dunno why my brain so overload..

I apparently am slurring they said.. But I don't take no drugs or anything.. I feel like stupid person..



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Hi hun,

I would not take the slurring as an indication of of your intelligence. You are not stupid at all. When we are tired, confused and stressed, it often impacts on our capacity to communicate clearly. When you feel like that, just take deep breath, try to relax and take you time. Slowing down the pace will help clear you mind and figure out what you want to say.


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Have you told you GP about this? Please make sure there are no medical reasons...I had something similar when I had thyroid problems


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Talked to my gp about it and she said would be talk to therapist.. tho my therapist and therapy program are dropping me really soon.. And I don;'t care to talk to her as imo it always feels as tho she don't believe me.. she listen but don't do anything.. not that anyone can cuz I refuse to be medicated..

Otherwise she said could be stress related or behavioral..

And I'm guessing since it has now been almost a year since being off ADHD and Psychiatric medications that the levels are all pretty much gone now..

I am having trouble atm picking up on conversation.. metaphors and sarcasm again.. and my brain easily is being overloaded with information.. I think that's why I've been having difficulty talking recently at times..

Also hardly been sleeping well.. Have had headaches from eye sight issues mostly..
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