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  1. bythelowtide

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    I sometimes feel like I am the only one around me that is emotional about anything. I feel like I miss people all the time and that I rely on people WAY to much. I wish someone would feel the same way about me as I do them.

    I feel like I feel too much. I feel like I'm not normal with how much I feel. I am conflicted because I want the feelings to go away so I can be normal, but the more I feel the more I actually feel alive...I need to feel like I'm not living in a dream all the time.

    Am I crazy...does anyone else out there even know what I am saying...
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  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    You aren't crazy or abnormal. You just feel things more strongly than most people. I think it can be a blessing and a curse. It can take a lot out of you. I am very emotional and also highly sensitive. I also tend to absorb other peoples emotions, if that even makes any sense. So I can really relate to how you feel.
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    I feel everything, good and bad. Even when something is mildly okay, I feel it intensely. Sometimes it's a blessing, like when I feel love, I feel it really deeply. Sometimes it's a curse, when I'm hurt, I'm inconsolable...it's just the way I am and it took me a while, but I accept the good with the bad because I tried too long to change it. I just can't be apathetic. I just try to live my life with as little pain as possible. That I guess means that I avoid lots of situations where I risk getting hurt, but it's alright, I'm okay with the choices I make. Anyway, just to say you're not crazy!
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    Thanks for making feel not alone...I just sometimes wish I was apathetic, but you're right, it is a blessing sometimes too.
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