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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by hidden-shadow1991, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. hey ... i know this will seem very stupid nd small compared to the severe problems tht r on the forum ... i need to talk to anyone ...
    yesterday had my second caffeine overdose ... it all started when i drank a bit of my mates relentless wanted more so kept drinking his ... then bought two cans for myself ... later on during the day me nd my beautiful fiancee bought some pro plus caffeine tablets to keep us awake during the night cuz she was sleeping over my house. i took 6 of them during the night. nd in this morning when i woke up my fiancee said tht her chest hurt. then she fell back to sleep ... i had an anxiety/panic attack cuz i was worrying bout her, nd it was one of the worst iv had ... it lasted very long nd once my fiancee woke up it took longer then usual for her to calm me down.
    i keep getting anxious now ... but its not causing me the usual breathing problems ...
    iv got so much more i could say ... but iv moaned too much already ... nd everyone here is gonna think im some sort of attention seeking whore.
    thanks for reading this those who finished it xxx
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    You don't need to apologise for posting if you're feeling low. Thats what the forum is for afterall! :hug:

    The anxiety stuff was probably made worse by the amount of caffine you've had... You should be ok if you avoid having any more caffine pills/drinks for a while but if you're worried (or sensitive to caffine, not sure) then see a doctor, just to be safe.

    How are you feeling now? You said you had more to say so maybe it would help to get those emotions out.

    Take care,

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    Are we not all attention seeking? I really like to read other peoples problems and help, if I can
    You are 16 now (?), so you should better get off caffeine because you're getting addictave very fast on stuff like this (drink, caffeine, smoke,..)

    I got depressions when I'm not drinking :dry: and this is no good, you and your fiancee better leave the pills aways!
  4. i have attacks sometimes ... had them for about a year or 2 now ... i admit im a caffeine addict ...
    got another confession ... cut myself for the first time properly in ages ... it stops the attacks. The only thing apart from my fiancee tht calms me down.
    Had a shit day to the week as well ...
    oh well ... get to thurday nd i dnt have to deal with college for 2 weeks ...
    nd im not seeing my fiancee till possibly Thursday ...
    meh ...
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