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Feelin' Worthless?

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Ever had that feeling that you're worthless? That there isn't a point to doing anything and it might be better to just give it all up?
Welcome to my life.
I've been told that I'm worthless for years. I hear every day that I'm not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough for anyone.
It's the kind of thing that starts eating away at you.

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yup feel that way alot I hope you can filter out those messages given to you because they are true. You are special and you do matter You are worth the fight I hope you can get some therapy to help you feel better about you okay Keep posting as well make friends here ones that won't judge or say mean things hugs to you


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Know what, if there's one thing that megally pisses me off its people who get their kicks from belittling others :mad:
As difficult as it is to ignore thats whats needed here. Tune the bastards out, think on all the things you are good at, the small accomplishments of your day, whatever they may be (sometimes it can be just getting out of bed :laugh:)
Be the best you can be, despite the people who put you down and when you are a success turn round and spit in their malicious eyes!
I feel like that everyday, and I was bullied for the first ten years of my life pretty intensely, so while I know how you feel, I also want to say this to you: you are beautiful, inside and out, and you are who you are, and you should be proud of it. People who try to put you down probably have serious problems of their own, not that this excuses them AT ALL, but that just makes what they say empty and meaningless. IGnore the aholes of this world, and only listen to the people who care, because they are the ones who will tell you the truth. I dont know you but I love you and you deserve to feel better about yourself


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I don't feel it all the time, but lately I've been feeling that way more often. IT seems like whenever I'm not focusing on a task I just feel like I shouldn't even exist.
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