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    I know it's my own fault and partly self inflicted because I still haven't been able to get in to see my consultant to get my bloods checked but I am getting really bored of feeling ill all the time now. It started a few weeks ago with the flu that developed into sinusitis and tonsillitis and I ended up on antibiotics and steroids. I've since had another flare up of tonsillitis which did resolve itself, but I am left now feeling achey and tired all the time. It physically hurts to lift my arms to do anything like write or type and I'm really struggling with the physical stuff at work because I have no strength and feel so tired. Right now my mouth is full of sores which are very painful. I have one behind my back molars and it is mimicking infected wisdom tooth pain (definitely not a tooth cutting through) and the entire right side of my face hurts and aches, it's in my ear and my other teeth hurt. I have another sore under my tongue and another on the inside of my lip. I'm feeling very sorry for myself tonight and feel like I want to cry.
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    Lovely Lexibelle. I am torn between wanting to give you hugs and wanting to smack you across the back of the head. Go to the frickin consultant - get your bloods checked and get some medication so you don't feel like utter shit. Not doing that for yourself is basically self harm and its not cool - you're important - to me, to us, to Ben, to the people who rely on you at work, to your family and to your friends - if not to yourself. Get your arse to the clinic - get yourself sorted out. Do not make me come down there...
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    Sorry you're ill, that sounds awful!

    I hope you get yourself to the doctors. You really should get your blood tested. Are you getting vitamins and iron? Lacking those can have an effect on your immune system.

    Feel better soon!
  4. SillyOldBear

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    Definitely get to your consultant. Steroids can weaken the immune system. But you should know that. Could the sores in your mouth be Thrush. That can occur if immune system is weakened. But golly gee lady. See someone about this. You should not have to suffer.
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    What the fuck is a consultant?. Us 'mericans are clueless.

    Anyway, get to the doc
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    Give saltwater rinse/gargle a shot and see if it helps somewhat clean up the sores a bit.
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    @Freya I know I deserve a slap and it is my own fault. I did phone the clinic the week of the last doctors strikes but they had no available appointments and the soonest one they had, I of course was at work. There's no other way to describe how I feel than utterly exhausted from head to toe. I actually want to cry.

    @ThePhantomLady I do become deficient in vitamins from time to time so they are all probably low again, but I am HIV positive. I have been feeling fatigued for a while prior to getting the flu, so I think the illness may possibly be advancing to the point I may need meds. I really don't want to take any meds. Not because they are completely terrible because they are not. I am just rubbish with meds.

    @SillyOldBear The sores are not thrush as my throat and tongue are fine and are not coated. They are just horrid canker sores in my mouth. I know they will go away eventually but the one at the back of my mouth behind my back molar is making my life a misery. Feels exactly like when my wisdom tooth was infected. It's a really big sore and the whole of the right side of my face hurts and my jaw aches and my ear hurts because of it. Sounds pathetic I know, but it's making me want to rip my face off.

    @Striking A consultant is an expert doctor in their chosen field. That's what we call the head honcho doctors in the UK :)

    @DrownedFishOnFire I have done some gargling tonight and it helps calm the pain for a while, just not for long :( Thanks for the suggestion though, completely didn't think of salt and warm water!!
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  8. ThePhantomLady

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    As far as I know HIV meds are very effective nowadays, but I know about being bad at taking meds... so I can't judge you! I even forget to take my pain relief for my bad chronic pains.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  9. Tiger

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    I happened to be learning about HIV last week in school - there's a course they run that 'manages' it so that you don't develop AIDS. Apparently the meds are fine and it suppresses the virus that kills the T cells so your immune system is better protected. Something like that XD But there's no other treatment (according to HIV nurse guy) so I guess it's meds or getting more ill? :(

    I really hope you feel better soon and I hope this helped. I'm just quoting HIV nurse guy to be honest.
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  10. SillyOldBear

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    Didn't know you were HIV positive. Hope you will give meds a try. You don't want to mess with full blown AIDS. Take care of yourself.
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    @ThePhantomLady and @Tiger

    I know the meds control the illness to a point where it is undetectable. I am very knowledgeable about the illness and I am also a nurse. I just hate meds. I have a very big compliance problem with meds but I guess with HIV that is never going away so I will have no choice. Plus the hospital delivers them to your door so I cannot just ignore the prescription or choose not to collect it.


    Yes I have been diagnosed since Feb 2012 and think I contracted it around May 2011 time. I had very bad seroconversion (I now know it to be that) where I contracted Epstein Barr Virus (the one that causes mono and glandular fever) which played havoc and I got meningitis Sept 2011 and was really not very well for months. By the time I got diagnosed things had settled down and I have never needed meds. I still might not need them, just depends on my CD4 count. My tiredness and fatigue could be down to being vitamin deficient as I do suffer chronically with that (b12, folate, vitamin d and calcium) as the HIV just eats them all lol. But I guess I won't know until I finally get in at the clinic to see how things are. I can have a quiet 5 minutes in the Sister's office on Monday as I will be the only one there in the morning, so all being well and work permitting I am gonna try and phone for an appointment then. It's 6.30pm and I just want to go to bed so I think I am gonna have to quit being stubborn and making excuses and admit defeat as I really cannot keep doing this.
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  12. SillyOldBear

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    Don't look at is as admitting defeat. Look at it as taking care of yourself so you can fight on.