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Feeling a little better

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Well, I have my computer back. My Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is working again, and I'm using it now. I had to go through the training of the software, and it still makes a lot of mistakes, but it's working pretty well considering. I'm also taking steps to get my Gmail and and Facebook account back. I tried resetting my Gmail account from a different e-mail and waiting for them to reply. If they don't, I finally found a phone number to reach a person at and I'm going to try to do that if I don't hear back from them. Facebook sent messages to three of my friends with codes that I have to type in to verify that I am who I say I am I've heard from two friends I only have one left and hopefully when I type in the codes I'll get the Facebook account back. That would be an enormous relief, and if that happens I will be able to stay in touch with most of my friends because almost all my friends are on Facebook.

So I guess that life goes on. I suppose I could even say i'm a little bit glad I didn't commit suicide. Thanks everyone for all the support, I am going to stick around here and hopefully try to repay the favor with everyone else.
I don't expect my suicidal feelings to disappear overnight. I don't think it works that way. Especially not when you're bipolar. But I feel better – I'm also very very very grateful that the earth quake in Virginia didn't hurt any of my family. My cousins, their families, my uncle and aunt live right near where the earthquake hit about two hours away from the epicenter. Then God they're all okay. My cousin's building was evacuated, but no one is hurt. I was frantic when I heard about earthquate – I didn't actually feel it where I am, but when I heard it was the felt all the way in New York and Cleveland, I was terrified. Having a close brush like that, almost losing people that you love, really shakes you up and reminds you about how bad life could really be. No matter what I'm going through, I still have my family, they are all safe. Things could be so much worse. I'm so grateful that it's hard to even be depressed about the problems I'm having – they seem minor now. The people I love are safe, and right now that's all that matters to me. Losing my Facebook and Gmail doesn't seem so bad. Believe me, it's no picnic – but like I said, things could be so much worse. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I'm so relieved. Thank you to everyone and I'll be sticking around.


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I'm very happy for you!

Great stuff!

Thanks for being brave enough to tell us how you were feeling - it takes a lot of guts to do that - and its not a weakness asking for help it is a strength!

Hope the earthquake never left anyone hurt or homeless - and thanks for being considerate enough to express your concerns for others!

I'm real happy for you - and hope anyone else reading this who feels down right now can follow your brave example and just say what you are feeling.

Thanks for the thanks also.

Glad to see you alive - and sure it takes time to get Dragon Naturally Speaking to work again (it has to be trained to recognise your vocal patterns and pronunciations of words to be able to type it)

Do save a copy of the Dragon software settings once you have got it 100% - that way if you ever have this trouble - you install Dragon and then import your settings so you do not have to train it again. Good tip actually so try and learn how to do that - I can help if you need.

Good luck!

Hope you get your facebook back also.

But your winning either way!
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