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Feeling a little unsettled today *May Trigger*

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I am a little disturbed today. Mood wise for the past couple of weeks I have been alright I still have suicidal thoughts but I dont feel I am as desperate as I was. However I have to say for the past month or so I have had some very disturbing nightmares. They have varied between me violently beating up people, me getting raped and I had a dream where I violently stabbed a guy who took advantage of me when I was 13. I used to get the odd nightmare every now and again but now its happened almost every night for a month. Last night I had a disgusting dream where I murdered people in various different ways. In the dream I was a serial killer. I woke up very disturbed and Im very unsettled today because its all I can think about and it was very vivid. Am I really that fucked up in the head? Do I have some psychopathic tendency in me waiting to get out? I feel awful :(
I think I understand what you're going through. I've been having similar dreams for years now, but I dont think this is a sign from your sub conscious telling you you are a serial killer waiting to happen. If it was, you wouldn't feel such an issue with it. Serial killers are socio/psycho-paths. They cant feel remorse or guilt from their acts. If you are feeling so terrible about it, it is a good sign that you retain a huge portion of your humanity. You aren't crazy at all. If you are worried about what these dreams mean, then go talk to a dream specialist. <3 <3 <3

Sorry if that made no sense, but yea. Im here if you need to talk
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